Guest Author: Oil Cleansing Method: The secret to make clear and radiant skin absolutely attainable

Riya Savjani

The Secret is Out: Oil Cleansing Method is your way to get the best version of your skin

Growing up, the skincare industry has made us believe that we need to get rid of all the oils from our skin and substitute them with chemicals and cosmetics to have flawless skin that is free of acne and blemishes. We have always preferred ‘oil-free’ skin products, not only for oily skin, but also for dry skin. Even after using a range of all these cosmetics, we are still far from having flawless skin. Why is that?

What is wrong with the cosmetics we use?

The primary reason why these ‘oil-free’, ‘grease-cutting’ products don’t work is because they strip away all the (essential) oils from our skin, and as a reaction to this, our skin starts repairing itself by producing excess oil, which in turn causes all the acne, blemishes and leads all the other skin woes.
Another reason why these cosmetics do more harm than good is added fragrance. Artificial fragrance is one of the top skin irritants, which when applied to our dry skin make things worse.

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Then, how to attain that perfect skin?

We have our answer now, it’s THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD.

One might think that applying oils can lead to acne, even I thought the same, before I finally gave the oil cleansing method a try.

Actually, it is basic chemistry – “like dissolves like”. So, if you use oil to cleanse your face, it will dissolve all the oils (read makeup, excess sebum, and impurities) and leave your skin intensely moisturized. 

When we hear the word ‘cleansing’, most of us think of a facewash that gives us foamy lather. While traditional cleansing can irritate the skin, aggravate acne, increase dryness, and result in glands producing excessive oils after the wash. On the other hand, oils used for cleansing have healing properties and essential nutrients, which can lock in hydration and balance the skin.

Oil cleansing has gained much traction in the K-beauty (Korean beauty) industry. Even makeup removers often have essential oils as one of their core ingredients. 

Okay, so I think you are convinced that the oil cleansing method is actually beneficial for your skin. But – 

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Where to get the oil cleanser from?

You can make your oil cleanser at home, here’s a DIY to make your own Oil Cleanser at home:

•    For Oily (acne-prone) Skin – 30% castor oil, 70% olive oil/jojoba oil (Jojoba oil reduce acne)
•    For Normal Skin – 20% castor oil, 80% olive oil/sunflower oil
•    For Dry Skin – 10% castor oil, 40% olive oil, 40% avocado oil (Avocado oil is a great moisturizer)

Your oil cleanser is ready! Castor oil is a staple ingredient here, it has some amazing cleansing properties. Apart from castor oil, you can switch between a few essential oils based on your skin type such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, etc. 

Once you have your cleanser ready, let’s see how to get actually use it - 

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How to oil cleanse?

You can use the oil cleansing method every night before going to bed to take off all the makeup and pollutants before you sleep. You will not need to cleanse your face in the morning, you can simply rinse it in the shower. 

There are two methods to do the oil cleansing, the basic oil cleansing method and the Korean oil cleansing method. The Korean method comes with an extra step. You will require a few things to get started - your oil cleanser, a soft washcloth, some hot water, a mild soap-free cleanser(optional – for Korean method), and essential oil or moisturizer. Here are the oil cleansing steps you will need to follow:

1.    Pour a coin size amount of oil cleanser on your palms.
2.    Rub the oil between your palms to warm it a bit.
3.    Apply it over your dry face and massage the oil on your face for a few minutes. This will remove all the dirt and even the most stubborn waterproof makeup.
4.    While massaging the oil, focus on your problem areas, maybe the blackheads/whiteheads to dissolve all the impurities.
5.    Once you feel the makeup is dissolved, soak a soft washcloth in hot water. Make sure the water is steamy, we want the water to soften our pores and remove the oil, so cold water won’t work.
6.    Cover your face with the warm washcloth and keep it like that until it cools down. Wipe off the oil using the washcloth and rinse the washcloth using hot water and repeat this step twice or thrice. Resist the urge to scrub your face with the washcloth while you do this.
Added Step (Korean method):  Clean your face with a mild, soap-free cleanser.
7.    If your skin feels tight, take a tiny drop of any essential oil/moisturizer of your choice and massage it on your face.
And voila! You are all set to have glowing, beautiful skin!

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