Guest Author: Monsoon Special: 5 must watch movies to watch this rainy season

By Nayaab Coatwala

Monsoons come along and give us a much-needed breather. Despite the high humidity, flooded yards and muddy roads; don’t rains still have our hearts? 

Stay in, grab some hot chocolate, chai or pakodas and watch these 7 must watch movies with your friends and family, because life is great and so are monsoons!

1. Up

Up, a 2009 American animated comedy-drama movie is a must watch for its incessant cute moments, adventure and everything adorable. The movie showcases a widower, Carl who goes to the Paradise Falls in his ‘flying house’- his wife’s dream destination. The movie is both a heart-warmer and a tear jerker which is sure to be a movie one must watch with their loved ones. 

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2. Men In Black

Another masterpiece, MIB is a comedy, part science-fiction parody and part action film, the movie is an amalgamation of sorts with a mix of everything possible. The movie is unpredictable with a cool sense of humour supported by talented actors including Will Smith. Watch the original version of Men in Black with your friends and enjoy the rains. 

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3. Eat Pray Love

This movie starring Julia Roberts is sure to inspire and enlighten you. Watch the story of Elizabeth Gilbert, as her world comes crashing down when she gets a divorce. She then embarks on a journey across the world to rediscover her true self whilst travelling the world. Take a tub of popcorn and enjoy this spectacular movie with your girlfriends.

Eat Pray Love
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4. Charlie Chaplin

If you want a short yet fun, classic watch you must have a look at Charlie Chaplin’s series. Nothing feels better than a hearty laugh with your loved ones during a rainy day and what better than a show featuring the most well known and loved comedian, Charlie. 

Charlie Chaplin
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5. Cloudy with A chance of meatballs

Though the skies may be cloudy with a chance of heavy rains, the best movies to watch is the much-loved animated movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - The story is about Flint Lockwood, a failed inventor, who thinks he has the answer to his town’s crisis.  He builds a machine that converts water into food and becomes a local hero when tasty treats fall from the sky like rain. But things go awfully wrong and he must face the consequences. A fun watch which will make you hungry and perfect to watch on a rainy Sunday! 

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
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