Guest Author : How to follow the gains this Ramadan by Iqbal Sayed

By Iqbal Sayed

As the holy month of Ramadan begins, most people find it difficult to stick to their fitness goals. Although this is a long read, you must stay with us as Iqbal Sayed – fitness guru – shares the must follow tips to keep fit during this time of the year.

1. Never stop training

The first tip is always the most difficult one to adopt as a routine but also the most important. Your body can maintain muscle mass but as soon as you stop working out, you will slowly lose your gains. Even if you do not add to your muscle mass, you can always maintain the same. The ideal time to get in your daily workout would be between 1 or 2 hours after ‘Iftaar’ as the body has just been replenished and is raring to go once more. During Ramadan, try not to push too hard. Workouts between 45-90 minutes at the most are more than enough to keep in shape. Intensity is key vis-à-vis volume and during this month cardio is a non-starter as you already burn calories by fasting. 

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2. Eat right, eat on time

This may seem obvious to those among us who maintain the ‘roza’, but is extremely important during Ramadan for those looking to remain fit. Nutrition and supplements are a core part of your workout and must not be ignored. Avoid typical Ramadan festive meals and junk food and keep your calorie intake consistent as this ensures your body does not react in a negative fashion to any lifestyle changes during this auspicious month. 

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3. Head for Iftaar

The tradition dictates starting with dates, but opting for a milkshake is a much better option in this summer heat. It cools the body and replenishes the vital fluids that we have to avoid during ‘Roza’. During Ramadan, our stomach shrinks due to a lack of food input through the day. If you plan to work out immediately after, do not forget to absorb proteins and carbs and all consumption becomes like a post workout. 

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4. Intra and post workout

During Ramadan, an unending list of supplements can help you since the time to consume nutrition is very short. As an intra-workout, BCAAs and simple carbs from VITARGO are ideal as they don’t need too much digestion and helps replenish your muscles with vital amino acids. 

For the post-workout meal, fast-digesting proteins such as isolate whey or simple carbs such as white rice are ideal for growth and maintenance. Just avoid sweets, junk food and over-indulging in Ramadan specialities too much! 

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5. The last step - Sehri

Before bed, having a well-rounded meal with slow releasing fats and carbs is ideal. Before Sehri, you must prepare your body for the fast that comes up ahead so ensure this meal has lots of complex carbs, good fats and lots of whole proteins too!

During Ramadan, the most important thing apart from diet and routine is to rest well. Cutting down your routine to simply 4-5 days a week will help a lot and the rest days will ensure you recover fully. Ensure you get 6-8 hours of sleep at a minimum every night to keep you firing on all cylinders!

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