Guest Author: 7 biggest myths in the world of Fitness

Published on 31st Oct 2019 by - By Ankur Dhall

The world of exercise is filled with myths and assumptions and as a budding actor, I have had my share of ups and downs. Here are 5 myths that need to be busted:

1. Myth: Running is bad for your knees

This is a statement that has been told to you by your uncle, your friendly neighbour, your best friend and who not! But provided one wears the right shoes while training, and running on the right surface, running has proven to be good for your knees. Running helps one protecting themselves against osteoarthritis by making your joints and tissues super strong. 

Running is bad for your knees
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2. Myth: More the workout, better the results

Well, you will be surprised but there is such a thing as too much workout. Your body requires you to take a back seat for it to repair itself and working out too much will result in exhaustion.  An average body needs a minimum of 2 whole days for muscles to recover, so it is best to follow up your rigorous workout with a light workout rather than do another round of rigorous workouts.

More the workout, better the results
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3. Myth: You should constantly drink water while exercising

Well, yes your body does need fluid while working out and it is quite important to have some good amounts of water to keep your body plump. But too much water will just make you go to the loo often and ofcourse, disrupt your workout regime. 

And chugging loads of water will just make you feel heavy and bloated, especially if you’re going in for a run. The main purpose of drinking water is to make one feel refreshed and replenish your cells, hence excess will only prove to be harmful.

You should constantly drink water while exercising
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4. Myth: Too much exercise will hurt me when I’m old

When reaching a certain age, it is better to first consult a doctor before beginning an exercise routine. She can tell you which activities to try and which ones to avoid. It is important to remember, that the more physically one is, the less likely they will get injured. Improving your balance by doing things like yoga and tai chi may also help you avoid falls in your everyday life. So will strength training, which you can do with hand-held weights, machines at a gym, or even your own body weight.

Too much exercise will hurt me when I’m old
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5. Myth: Exercising in the evening will keep you up till late

It’s been told that gentle exercises such as Yoga is better during the evenings and more rigorous exercises will keep you wide awake. Well, this is a big myth, as it really depends from person to person. A person should experiment with different types of exercises to figure out which workout method will help you achieve the perfect sleep. It was also found that exercises that are done outdoors help in sleep than indoor workouts. 

Exercising in the evening will keep you up till late
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