Guest Author : 5 reasons why theatre will always be better than cinema

- By Anuj Arora

If there is one common connection between theatre and cinema, it is the actors. Almost each of them began their journey on stage in front of a live audience and it is certified that the skills learnt in theatre helps you become a better actor on the silver screen. Though acting is acting, one cannot deny that there is a special skill set required to excel if you’re in front of a live audience, and I truly believe that theatre will always be a notch higher than cinema, in all aspects. 

1. Theatre is more immediate

You see it right before you, there are no retakes, there are no revisions. You get what you see. Theatre makes you see events unfold in front of your eyes; hence it makes it immediate and much more exciting and there is always a chance of expecting something unexpected, which will not make you sleepy or disinterested. 

Theatre is Better than Movies
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2. Discover new, real talent

Take a closer look at the actors, you never know when they would appear on the big screen! Theatre actors often make it to the movies because of their sheer talent and for being well trained. Movie directors always have the option of doing re-takes and masking the actor’s flaws, but when it comes to live theatre, that is not the case. For example, if there is an action sequence, a movie actor will have a stunt double however, a theatre actor would have to perform by himself. One will find real talent at theatres.

Why Live Theatre
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3. Compelling storytelling

Have you ever wondered, movie actors have the luxury of shooting different scenes at different intervals? They do not have to film according to the storyline, however in theatre. Actors are required to shoot as per the storyline. This makes the actors portray their role in a more intense manner, with full emotion and as per the storyline. You will see theatre actors, literally turn into the character, making the story more compelling. 

Storytelling in the Theatre
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4. Live acting and live sounds

Yes, the sounds you hear sitting at a movie theatre is unmatched, but have you ever experienced or thought about the sounds created at a live theatre show? Well, it is out of the world and will surely beat your regular movie theatre as they are produced right then and here, along with the singing skills and dancing skills, now can your regular movie actor do all of this at once without any retakes? 

Live acting and live sounds
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5. Direct access

Theatre gives you direct access to the actors post the show. From regular meet and greet sessions to photo sessions. There is no stopping you from meeting the stars of the show. However, will you ever meet a Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan after you’re done with your movie? Perhaps not. Theatre today has been underrated but definitely not ignored. 

Salman and Shahrukh
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