Guest Author: 5 evergreen classics that redefined Hindi Cinema

By Tanvi Sanghvi

Films may come and films may go but nothing will ever beat the Classics made in the 1900s. From Dilip Kumar to Madhubala, each actor and their movies have created an impact on how Bollywood has evolved over time.
While most may look at Bollywood to be full of dances, costumes and emotional dialogues, there is more to it than what we perceive it to be. The journey that began in 1896 has seen countless movies that have been engraved in our hearts and can not be ignored. These classics, as they are called, have shaped the way Bollywood, or shall we say Hindi cinema stands for today.

Here are 5 of the top classics ever made since the early 1950s

1. Mughal E Azam- 1960

While most of us may have heard about the story, this is a movie that one should never miss. A story set in the 17th century about a prince falling in love with a court dancer and fighting for his love much against his father’s wishes. The movie, apart from its classic story, showcases an impeccable cast, beautifully designed costumes and some unforgettable melodies that are sung even today. The movie was termed to be one of the most expensive movies ever made at that period. A must watch movie especially for Emperor Akbar, who is torn between his love for his only son and the future of the Mughal Empire. 

Mughal E Azam- 1960
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2. Pyaasa- 1957

Pyaasa, is another classic story about one man’s search for compassion during the post-independence Indian society. Vijay is termed as the classic ‘failure’ in life and after befriending a prostitute, Vijay is believed to be dead. However, his poetry, that once, was never regarded suddenly becomes known in the public and Vijay becomes a sensation, however the true Vijay when comes out, is termed as an imposter. An intriguing and exciting storyline along with some stellar performances, Pyaasa’s Guru Dutt the writer-producer-director and actor gives a performance of a lifetime. 

Pyaasa- 1957
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3. Mother India- 1957

Mother India, made in 1957, is about how newly wed Radha copes her husbands demise and fights against all odds while maintaining her ‘honor’ in the society. The movie is a homage to female empowerment, and the amazing fact that this masterpiece of a movie was made in the 1950s. It is no surprise that the movie was also nominated for the Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Film in 1958.  Nargis Dutt’s portrayal of Radha, became synonymous with an icon for self-sacrifice and her performance is remembered even today.

Mother India- 1957
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4. Pakeezah- 1971

Pakheezah is one of the most remembered and classic musicals ever made. The story is about Pakheezah, a courtesan who dreams of leaving her life behind when a man falls in love with her, not knowing what she does for a living. Meena Kumari’s portrayal of Pakeezah is termed as one of the most extraordinary performances every given by an actress at that period.  Each of Pakeezah‘s songs showcases the duality of a courtesan’s poetry, glamorizing and destroying the notions of love. 

Pakeezah- 1971
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5. Guide- 1965

A story based on R.K Narayan of the same names, features some of the best actors of Bollywood- Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. Guide is a story about a corrupt businessman who transforms into a spiritual guru or guide after a misunderstanding that leads to his idolization by village residents. Amidst the chaos also lies a love story that slowly but effectively tackles social taboos including adultery, infidelity and many more, breaking stereotypes.

Guide- 1965
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