Guest Author: 4 minutes is all you need - Here are 4 smart ways to squeeze in a workout!

By - Nikita

In today’s world, we spend more time at work than making our bodies work. Well, we cannot blame anyone as hectic schedules make it nearly impossible to squeeze in anything else, and when we do have the time, we rather lie on our beds with our mobile phones glued on our faces. Though we have come face to face with the fact that, packing our gym bags, going to the gym, changing clothes and coming back home can be quite a task, we still try to get in some physical activity, but alas that doesn’t work as well.
Here are some smart ways to actually squeeze in a workout, without actually feeling the pressure!

1. Travel to work- on foot or on a bicycle!

Walking or cycling are one of the easiest yet most effective ways of exercise, and it isn’t limited to certain moments. Who said you can commute without taking a cab or a bus? If you’ve got two legs, its time you make them work. No excuses when it comes to your health.

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2. Stretch it out

Though it is not a rigorous exercise, stretching actually loosens up all your muscles and relaxes them to help you perform your daily tasks better. Ever wondered why you have a spore body? Maybe you haven’t stretched out your muscles and some spots in your body for a long time. The best part it, you can stretch it out, at any time and any place!

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3. Ask a friend out- for a work out

Now, a workout will never seem like a workout when you have a friend along.  Yes, you will be doing the regular calorie burning, but atleast you have a friend who is with you throughout the pain. As you know, a friend in need is a friend in deed.

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4. Take the long way out

While most of our life, we’ve heard the talk about the need to take the shorter route out, but if weight loss is on your mind, taking the longer route may actually prove to be useful, this is of course if you are not in a hurry, and this also means taking the stairs or walking it out than taking the easier way out.

Health Benefits of Climbing Stairs
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