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Once an old woman said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. We got it engraved in our hearts and minds so strongly that hardly did we pay notice to what an experienced man had to say. Well, he said one of the best ways to impress a lady is to cook for her.
Leave a couple, even if you are bachelor or single, we feel all of us need some kitchen skills. Be it students who are living away from home or even the one who are new to cooking, we must tell you that cooking isn’t that hard if you know the right tricks and hacks. So if you are afraid to enter the kitchen, these hacks are for you. They will uplift your cooking game and may be one day make you a skilful home chef too.
Here are the 10 most useful cooking hacks that will benefit everyone-

1. Freeze a banana to use as base for a healthy ice cream

Frozen and mashed up bananas make it for a perfect and delicious ice cream base that can be mixed with any other fruit. Be it mango or strawberry, it creates a super healthy home-made ice cream.

Freeze a banana
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2. When life gives you lemons, put it in the microwave

Hard lemons are difficult to deal with. And if you don’t have a lemon squeezer, put them in microwave for 10-20 seconds to get more juice out of it easily.

Put lemon in the microwave
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3. Potatoes and Onions are not good roommates

Never store potatoes and onions together. Potatoes tend to rot more easily and quickly when kept together with onions. Thus have a separate bag for each one of them.

Potatoes and Onions
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4. Make your pickle last long

Pickles have a tendency to give birth to fungus when exposed to air and dust. In order to avoid it, burn a small amount of hing (asafetida) over burning coal or gas. Now invert the empty jar on this burnt hing for some time and follow this up by filling it with pickle.

Make your pickle
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5. Time to say goodbye to sticky Bhindi

Bhindi has a sticky nature when cooked without washing and drying. Thus make sure it is washed properly and then dried up with a cloth. If it stills shows signs of stickiness, just add a few drops of lemon to the preparation. 

sticky Bhindi
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6. A salty affair

Salt is that one ingredient that is difficult to decide the quantity for. We usually end up adding a lot more than required and begin to freak out for the spoiled dish. Now, fret not. Just add a few spoons of milk to the preparation or just add some potato. It will absorb all the excess salt.

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7. Key to soft chapattis

Chapattis are hard if you are a beginner. But worry not. Just add some milk to the chapatti/paratha dough while kneading. If you are packing them for lunch or to be eaten later, cook them on high flame. This will keep your chapattis remain soft for long.

Soft Chapatis
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8. Fresh bread in 20 seconds

Bread is usually not consumed at one go. It is most of the time consumed for a week. Since, we keep them in the fridge it becomes hard and stale to eat. To bring back the softness and freshness of the bread kept in the fridge, steam it for 30 seconds.

Fresh bread
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9. No more milk spills

Just keep a wooden spoon on top of the vessel. This will prevent the milk from spilling over and also indicates when it reaches the boiling point.

No more milk spills
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10. Smelly hands? Now no more

One of the major reasons people avoid cooking is because of the odour that sticks to your hand. To remove food odour from your hands try rubbing them with lemon juice and baking soda. 

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