Get your Tata Sky requests sorted, over Facebook chat!

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

In a world that is increasingly turning social, it makes sense to have our service requests handled there too. That’s why Tata Sky is bringing its chatbot to Facebook, so that you can get your important requests handled with a few lines of chat. Read on to know how the bot can be useful to you!

1. Chat with the Tata Sky bot in 3 easy steps

Tata Sky bot is here to help you with your Tata Sky related requests on Facebook, and here’s how you can start chatting with it!

2. Track your service requests on Facebook chat!

Tata Sky bot is here to help you with all kinds of requests – and it helps you track the status of your service requests on Facebook! Go through the instructions below and start tracking your pending requests.

3. Recharge, now just a chat away!

Why end your social media session to recharge your Tata Sky account? Tata Sky bot will help you do it on Facebook messenger! Go through the steps below and simplify your recharge process.

4. Type in, and get your request registered!

Registering requests with Tata Sky is now a piece of cake – all you have to do is open Facebook chat! Let us show you how:

5. Balance at your fingertips!

Wondering what your Tata Sky account balance is, but not in front of TV? No worries, fire up Facebook chat and ask Tata Sky bot! The instructions below will show you how.


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