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Published on 14th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

A high-intensity Norwegian thriller, Mammon promises more than the usual edge-of-the-seat experience. Real-life brothers, Vegard and Gjermund Stenberg Eriksen, have produced the show and it has been directed by Cecilie A Mosli. It was adjudged the Best TV Drama at the 45th International Emmy Awards. The adaptation rights for this Norwegian thriller have been bagged by 20th Century Fox Television.

The first season of the show introduces us to an array of characters, with the lead Jon Øigarden playing the righteous journalist Peter Verås. A strong ensemble of Lena Kristin Ellingsen, Nils Ole Oftebro, Ingjerd Egeberg, among others ably support the show. Mammon delves into the world of politics, finance and journalism and shows how seamlessly interconnected they are. The show takes off with Peter receiving a tip-off from a mysterious woman, Sophia, on a scandal within the Norwegian financial world. The plot thickens when after further investigation it is revealed that Peter’s brother Daniel is involved as well. Peter, keeping the ethos of journalism alive and intact, does not shun the case and pursues it strongly. The repercussions result in Daniel committing suicide and Peter finding out that Sophia was none other than Daniel himself. Committed to finding the truth behind his brother’s involvement and his subsequent suicide, Peter starts collecting evidence on the financial fraud. This is when he comes on the radar of the mighty and influential. His life is turned upside down because of it. The show boasts of a labyrinthine plot backed with dramatic background music. The producers, Vegard and Gjermund, take inspiration from their real life to add shades to the characters of Peter and Daniel.

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The second season carries the legacy of the first season. As the murder of a senior journalist grips Norway with fear, many suspect the hand of ISIS. Peter, along with his former boss Frank Mathiesen, starts digging into it and unravels a deep political conspiracy. Turns out the finance minister, Erik Ulrichsen, has developed a liking for the prime minister's office. Erik is willing to go to any length to win this power struggle – even at the cost of human lives. The essence of the second season is that every character displays multiple layers of personality and thus no one can be trusted.

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The producers and the writers have brilliantly weaved in the political setup of Norway in Mammon. Traditionally a socialist society, Norway currently has a centre-right government which majorly controls the media. There is massive distrust between Norwegians and their media, as they feel journalists are heavily biased towards the government. Mammon refers to greed. Once you start watching this series, your greed to find the truth about the plot will keep you hooked to Mammon.

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