Funniest Indian Idol auditions ever!

Indian Idol has unearthed many talented singers from across the length and breadth of our great country and has also become one of the most watched shows giving us our fair share of entertainment. But in the process to find the best singers, we have also come across people who gave us a hearty laugh when they came in front of the judges and sang their heart out. Check out some of the funniest Indian Idol auditions.

1. What happens when a contestant is hell-bent on singing the background music of a popular song perfectly? Watch this funny parampara!

2. Have you ever wondered how what sound does a sportscar produces upon high acceleration? Now add that sound to a famous Bollywood track! That’s exactly this person’s rendition in the audition.

3. Does wearing a costume resembling a noted singer mean that a person can be a good singer? Watch it till the end to find out!

4. A mimicry artist disguised as a singer presents his talent to the judges. Watch what happens when he mimics one of the judges!

5. Can you picture the judge of the popular reality show MTV Roadies coming as a contestant in Indian Idol?! Watch how he once bared the brunt of angry judges before actually doing the same on Roadies.

6. A songwriter, musician and a singer Soorma Bhopali shows up at the Indian Idol audition with a set of instruments and a super funny song on love at old age.