The funniest Bollywood dialogues that fit the situation throughout the week!

Laughter is the world's best medicine and throughout the years, we have been well entertained by Bollywood and its uncanny ability to throw a dialogue that makes the entire audience laugh out loud. Here are the dialogues that make us laugh from Monday to Sunday and make us celebrate World Laughter Day!

When we try to console ourselves that things are going to be better on a Monday!

aal is well

When you cannot fathom how long this week is already…


When you’re just scared and worried of the week ahead and can’t deal with Wednesday anymore

mat darao

When you see Thursday approaching and can’t wait for the weekend to arrive… *performs a summersault*


When the weekend is finally here and you’re all alive and super excited to chase your Friday plans


When you realize it is that day of the week when you can peacefully sleep through all day. Because Saturday, Saturday!


When you’ve spent the entire weekend partying and relaxing and cannot believe that it’s already Sunday evening and you have to get back to work tomorrow! 

tussi ja rahe ho