Four must-watch anime masterpieces by Hayao Miyazaki

The world of animation is humungous and has allured audiences worldwide, children and adults alike. Movies like Up, How to Train your Dragon and Inside Out are a fun watch for children. They are known to leave an impact on adults as well.

An anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation that is aimed at children and grown-ups. Hayao Miyazaki is a reputed name in this field with several films to his credit. His films have enthralled audiences not only in Asia but also worldwide. 

Here’s a look at four of Miyazaki’s masterpieces that offer a kaleidoscopic view into the anime world:

Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki
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The cinema world is flooded with stories on the unbreakable bond of friendship. There are many tales on bonds that bind a group of boys, a gang of girls, a batch of classmates and more. But My Neighbor Totoro is different and how. It takes you on a wonderful ride into the world of a little girl called Mei. She befriends a spirit that identifies itself by a series of roars. Mei deciphers those roars as Totoro and that’s how her new friend gets his name.  As the film progresses, Mei’s sister Satsuki also becomes good friends with Totoro and his miniature colleagues. With an ailing mother and a busy father, the little girls find their own happiness with new friends in a new place. The movie received worldwide acclaim with an average rating of 8.4/10. 

My Neighbor Totoro
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Miyazaki’s another much-acclaimed and loved anime is Castle in the Sky. This 1986 release could slightly remind you of the English animated film Up. It takes you on a flight and lets your imagination fly too. This one has a lot more action than Up for sure and keeps you hooked to its fast-paced storyline. Pazu and Sheeta’s friendship and their fight against evil unfolds like a dream in this cinematic experience. The movie gives a message that man is supposed to live on earth; his place is not in the skies. It stays with the viewer much after the credits roll

Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki
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“Life is mysterious and amazing”, one of the many beautiful dialogues from Miyazaki’s another genius Ponyo. How would you feel if your 5-year-old-self found a new pet in a weird-looking fish? An adult would be excited for sure, so just imagine the curiosity and glee of a child. This classic is synonymous with Miyazaki’s enchanting anime style. It emphasizes on humanity’s relationship with its surroundings. The beautiful relationship between Ponyo and Sōsuke clings to your heart. The filmmaker took inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. For this movie, he downshifts to a more playful mode.


Ponyo on the Cliff
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Way before JK Rowling introduced us to flying on broomsticks in Harry Potter, Miyazaki mesmerised us with Kiki’s Delivery Service. This is the story of a 13-year-old witch who runs a delivery service on her broomstick. She forms an unbreakable bond with her cat Jiji. It’s a simple story that teaches us about life. Emerging from life’s challenges and smiling at the end of it all is what matters. The movie was a financial success and went on to become Japan’s highest-grossing film in 1989.

Kiki's Delivery Service
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