Fool me Twice – Bollywood pranks that made us all smile

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Be it on the sets or out on the streets, there are a lot of celebrities who have been playing pranks with the people around them. Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan being the legit pranksters on the sets, here are a few celebs who have gone out there to prank the audience in an unrecognized attire and astounded their fans.

1. Vidya Balan (Bobby Jasoos)

For the promotion of her film Bobby Jasoos, Vidya went out on the streets of Hyderabad, dressed as a beggar and sat amongst the homeless people near the station. People couldn't recognize her at all during that time. 


Beggar Vidya Balan
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2. Bipasha Basu (Raaz 3)

For Raaz 3, Bipasha stepped down and went on the streets, selling lemons and chilies. She accompanied the troops on the street and even these people wouldn’t recognise her. 

Bipasha Basu in an auto
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3. Sonu Nigam (The Roadside Ustaad)

Sonu Nigam for his album ‘The Roadside Ustaad’ dressed up as a roadside beggar singing in his beautiful voice as he sat in one corner of the street. A video of the incident went viral. The face makeup was so nicely done that nobody on the street ever was able to figure out it was Sonu.

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4. Amitabh Bachchan (Pink)

Big B wore the mask he used in the film Pink and went out for a jog on the streets of Delhi, crossing a real wide street. People couldn’t even identify Mr. Bachchan. 

When Amitabh Bachchan goes unrecognized in Delhi
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5. Ranbir Kapoor (Brahmastra)

Ranbir, along with Hussain Dalal went out on a bike on the streets of Bhindi Bazaar, Mumbai for the recee of his upcoming film Brahmastra. He went completely unrecognizable during that time as he wore a cap and a mask. The film also stars Alia Bhatt. 


Ranbir Kapoor at Bhendi Bazaar
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6. Hrithik Roshan (Super 30)

While Hrithik was shooting for his upcoming film ‘Super 30’, he went out wearing crummy clothes, selling papad on a bicycle and a gamcha on the streets of Jaipur. He too went unrecognized. 

Hrithik Roshan turned as papadwala in Jaipur
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