Foods To Consume To Keep Your Body Cool In The Summers

Published on 19th Apr 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

We are all experiencing hotter summers year after year. The soaring temperatures of the summer season increase the body heat as well. The thirst feels unbearable and unquenchable. We crave soft drinks or cool drinks to quench our thirst and reduce body heat. But the notion that soft drinks or cool drinks will satiate and cool down our body is completely wrong.

The only way to keep our bodies cool during summers is to consume natural body cooling foods. While soft drinks provide momentary relief, summer foods or body-cooling foods keep our body cool from within.

Summer heat can be intense and hence it is important to take extra care of your body and make some lifestyle changes. Along with the necessary precautionary measures, it is advisable to include some summer foods in your daily diet. Below is a list of body cooling foods that are easily available and can help you battle the summer heat.


Watermelons are seasonal in nature and are one of the best body cooling foods. With its high water content, approximately 91.45%, watermelons fulfil the body’s water requirement. Loaded with antioxidant properties, it is one of the best fruits which cools the body.

Benefits of consuming watermelons as summer foods:

  1. It is good for the heart and bones.
  2. It keeps the body hydrated and reduces inflammation.
  3. It reduces brain fog and enhances immunity.
  4. It helps maintain acid-base balance in the body, reducing the risk of high blood pressure.
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Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are available all year round and make for incredible summer foods. They can be rightly considered as body cooling foods due to their high water content and are beneficial to be incorporated into your daily diet. In addition, they are light on the stomach and easy to digest. 

Benefits of consuming green leafy vegetables during the summer months:

  1. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients.
  2. They enhance the cognitive function of the brain.
  3. They are beneficial for the overall body - lung health, bone health, immune health, etc.
  4. They lower high blood pressure and help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
Green Leafy Vegetables
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Citrus Fruits And Non-Citrus Fruits

Summer is a great season to enjoy some of the best local citrus fruits as well as non-citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are not only great stress busters but are also fruits which cool the body. These fruits are packed with phytonutrients that act as antioxidants, including vitamin C, anthocyanins and polyphenols. Citrus fruits also assist with digestion.

Some of the citrus fruits and non-citrus fruits that are good summer foods:

  1. Oranges:- Rich in potassium and help avoid muscle cramps.
  2. Plums:- Rich in dietary fibers that help improve the digestive system. Rich in Vitamin C that strengthens the immune system.
  3. Muskmelons:- Rich in essential nutrients like pro-vitamin A, Vitamin C, zinc and potassium.
  4. Bananas:- Rich in potassium and iron that keeps you active and energized all day long.
Citrus Fruits And Non-Citrus Fruits
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Curd is not only delicious in taste but is also a healthy food to keep stomach cool during the summer season. It is one of the best foods for summer heat that can be enjoyed in different ways. It can be consumed in the form of spicy buttermilk or sweet lassi, raita to eat with lunch or dinner, smoothies with a variety of seasonal fruits.

Benefits of consuming curd as summer foods:

  1. It keeps the body hydrated and boosts energy levels.
  2. Its probiotic nature enhances immunity.
  3. It helps in treating gut issues such as bloating or indigestion.
  4. Its calcium content helps build strong bones.
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Mint is easily accessible throughout the year, but it is most beneficial during the summer months and is one of the best foods for summer heat. Mint added in buttermilk, raita or lime water are some of the best combinations that you can enjoy. Great food to keep stomach cool during the summer months, mint can also be infused in plain water to boost your consumption of water.

Benefits of consuming mint as summer foods:

  1. It helps to relieve summer headaches with its strong, refreshing aroma and flavour.
  2. It keeps the brain alert, keeping lethargy at bay.
  3. Its antibacterial properties fight acne and pimples during summers.
  4. The menthol in mint keeps the stomach cool and healthy.
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One of the best body cooling foods, cucumbers are loaded with fibres. Its high water content makes it an incredible food to keep stomach cool. Cucumbers can be consumed at any time of the day and make a great addition to raita or flavoured water.

Benefits of consuming cucumbers as summer foods:

  1. It is super hydrating with 95% water content and is a great system cleanser.
  2. It helps reduce excess heat in the stomach and treat bad breath.
  3. Its high potassium, magnesium and fibre levels control blood pressure.
  4. It soothes and refreshes the skin when applied to the face.
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Coconut Water

With essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, coconut water is the best summer drink and one of the best body cooling foods. Though coconut water is available all 12 months, it makes for one of the best foods for summer heat.

Benefits of consuming coconut water as summer foods:

  1. It is a natural rehydrating drink with no added chemicals.
  2. It contains properties that remove mineral toxins from the blood.
  3. It has great anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. It is a good source of nutrients and acts as a tonic.
  5. It helps resolve stomach problems such as a stomach infection, ulcer or indigestion.
Coconut Water
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