Five times Shiva and Parvati gave us couple goals

Let’s talk about the love story of the popular power couple – Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Theirs was a love story that was legendary yet relatable. Here’s a look at this ancient yet modern-day romance, which gives us couple goals.

1. Truly, madly, deeply

Like most love stories, this also began with one-sided feelings. Parvati – the goddess of love and devotion – loved Shiva so much that she observed rigorous penance to win him over. It’s true that love comes with its set of hardships, even for gods and goddesses!

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2. Made for each other

As they say, matches are made in heaven! During her meditation, Parvati realised that she was a reincarnation of Sati (Shiva’s first wife). Her love for Shiva surpassed everything, because she was for all purposes his other half!

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3. Conquerors of love / An everlasting love

Their love stood the test of time. When a young boy asked Parvati to give up her feelings for Shiva, she shook with rage. Interestingly, it was the god himself in disguise testing her love for him. After all, there’s some drama in every love story!

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4. Bonded by love

Parvati’s perseverance indicates that if we are determined, we surely will achieve our goals. Shiva finally realised that Parvati was his Shakti , his power. She had always been by his side, encouraging and assisting him in his activities.

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5. Together forever

Shiva and Parvati always supported each other through thick and thin. Right from preparing bhang to making quilts, they would do it all together. They also argued – like every other couple – only to reconcile and grow fonder of each other. How cute is that!

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