Five short films from the world of Terribly Tiny Talkies that will linger in your mind and heart

In this day and age, the audience’s attention span is dwindling with each passing second. While the charm of reading books and watching movies will never fade, the rising popularity of quick content cannot be ignored. Listicles, photo galleries and short films / stories have become hot favourites. Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT), a well-known micro-fiction platform, is a partner to the new trend. It has given us interesting tales over the past many years. Through another venture called Terribly Tiny Talkies, they have treated us to great short films too.

Here are five must-watch tiny talkies, some of which will make you smile while others will leave you aghast. 

1. Cuddly

Cuddly makes us cherish our relationship with our parents. It is a mother-daughter story, in which the former is technologically naïve and the latter, a marketing graduate, is grappling with modern-day stress. Veteran actress Neena Kulkarni plays the role of an overly concerned Indian mother with ease. And Shruti Vyas easily slips into her character too. The simplicity and relatability of this movie is where the beauty lies. 

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2. Ditched

Ditched is the story of a young boy desperately trying to get a date for a couples-only party. He tries quite hard, succeeds too, but the climax will surely evoke a chuckle. The plight of stags and their efforts to gain entry into parties is depicted quite humorously in this 9-minute film.

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3. Life After

Life After is directed by Amit V Masurkar and has Vidya Malavade in the lead. It is the story of a breast cancer survivor who is coming to terms with family life and, more importantly, her existence. Tip-toeing on a very sensitive topic, the movie wonderfully captures each family member’s emotion. 

Life After
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4. Aamad

Starring Saqib Saleem and Arif Zakaria, Aamad is the story of a troubled father-son relationship. We meet a father who has held a grudge for a long time and a son whose heart is heavy with a guilty conscience. Will they resolve their issues or will life merely continue as always? Find your answers in Aamad. 

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5. Mamta Tonic

A mother’s love is priceless and incomparable, no doubt. Can you imagine the wrath of a mother who has lost her child? Mamta Tonic forays into this territory, with Suhita Thatte in the lead role. The film is a suspense thriller and the climax is guaranteed to leave you terrified.

Mamta Tonic
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