Five reasons why you should witness the Sunburn Festival at least once in your lifetime

With a string of renowned international headliners every year, the Sunburn Festival is undoubtedly one of the largestdance music festivals in Asia. If you’re still unconvinced, here are five reasons why you should add it to your must-visit list.

1. The pulsating music

Lastyear, the Ola Sunburn Festival’s line-up boastedof some of the bestEDM actsin the world like DJ Snake, Martin Garrix andDimitri Vegas. Home-grown acts like Anish Sood and Nucleyawere alsoseen spinning the beats, creating a truly eclectic party ambience.

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2. The electric atmosphere

With more than 300,000 people attending the event, it is amelting potof dance music lovers. You will meet a diverse bunch of people with one thing in common – a heart that beats for EDM. Techno lovers, deck house enthusiasts,psychedelic trance fanatics; you name it, and you will find them here. Then, as the beat drops, the whole arena is charged with a vibe that can be only described as puredance energy.

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3. The Instagram-worthy scene

With brightly coloured tents and kaleidoscope lighting, the Sunburn Festival venue is the perfect place to click your next social media display picture.

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4. The fabulous venue

From the beach locales of Goa to the Oxford Golf Resort in Pune, Sunburn Festival venues have always been fab. Plus inside,you have a multi-stage set up with simultaneous performances that transport you to a psychedelicworld!

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5. The camping sites

If you want the true music festival experience, make sure you book yourself a festival tent, because that’s where the after-party will be. Last year, the campsite includedjam sessions, barbeque, beer pong, human bowling, and more – enough to keepyour adrenaline pumping even when the music is not playing.

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