Five must-watch Oscar-winning shorts that wowed audiences worldwide

In today’s times, the audience’s attention span is dwindling fast, and it will only shrink further. This is also why short videos and GIFs are increasingly becoming popular. Today, a feature film that runs above two hours is considered to be long. And hence, a gripping story told in a short time speaks volumes about the film maker’s skills.  But what makes a short-film successful? A simple story, tight scripting, intelligent direction and impactful acting is enough to leave the audience stunned. 

Here we list five short films that left audiences worldwide spellbound and rightfully took the prestigious Oscar home. 

1. The Phone Call

For those who have seen The Shape of Water, Sally Hawkins’ brilliant acting isn’t foreign to you. In The Phone Call, she plays Heather, an introvert working at a call center. Her life turns upside down when she gets a call from a mystery man who is suicidal. This 2015 short is truly an emotional experience worth having. 

The Phone Call
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2. Bao

This is a simple story of a Chinese woman who is suffering from the empty nest syndrome. One fine day, she makes a batch of dumplings and one of them comes alive. Bao is this woman’s journey as she raises this dumpling like her own child and enjoys motherhood once again. 

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3. Stutterer

This Oscar winner is the story of Greenwood who stammers and is depressed because of his problem. His story gradually unfolds when his online girlfriend, Ellie tells him of her desire to meet him. This is when he decides to pretend to be deaf to keep his limitation from coming to the fore. 

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4. The Silent Child

This 2017 Oscar-winning drama is a sign-language film that melts your heart with its performances. The Silent Child is the story of a 6-year-old deaf girl, Libby who lives in a world of silence. But when social worker Joanne introduces her to sign language to communicate, it changes her life. 

The Silent Child
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5. Period. End of Sentence.

This 2018 Oscar-winning documentary is about something as simple as menstruation and the stigma that surrounds it even today. Rayka Zehtabchi, an Iranian-American film director, helms this one beautifully from the director’s chair. Period. End of Sentence. takes us through a quiet revolution led by Indian women who are trying to shed taboos surrounding menstruation. 

 Period. End of Sentence.
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