Five must-have apps for senior citizens

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

We usually download utility-based mobile applications only when we need a particular service. Our elders may not be that tech-savvy. They may not be able search and download an app when in need. Therefore, it’s always good to have their mobile phones ready with all the necessary apps. You never know when those applications may come in handy. We’ll make your task easier by suggesting some must-have apps for senior citizens. Have a look at the list below.

1. Ride hailing

Online cab service is perhaps the best thing to have happened of late. Apps like Ola and Uber are of great use to older people for several reasons. They don’t need to go through the stress of driving in heavy traffic. They can commute to any place at any time even when they don’t know the directions. And most importantly, such apps make them self-dependent. They don’t need to ask anyone to drive them somewhere. 

Ride hailing
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2. Social networking

Messaging and social media apps can help senior citizens stay connected with their family, friends, ex-colleagues, etc. Like their millennial kids, even old people enjoy exchanging pictures and videos with their loved ones. Therefore, a networking app like WhatsApp is a must-have on their handheld devices. 

Social networking
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3. Grocery

Shopping online for food and grocery may not appeal to people from the older generation. They need to be convinced to use apps like Grofers and Bigbasket that offer great convenience. Such apps can come in handy specially when the weather or health is not favourable. Once they trust the service, they’ll certainly enjoy using the apps more frequently. 

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4. Food delivery

There may be days when there’s no one to help them out in the kitchen. The cook may be on leave. Or they may be too ill to cook. Or they may simply crave for a dish from their favourite restaurant. Food delivery applications like Swiggy and Zomato can be a saviour in such a situation.

Food delivery
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5. Healthcare

Digital technology can be very helpful in matters pertaining to health. There are many apps that provide healthcare services like booking a doctor’s appointment, online consultation, delivering medicines, etc. Installing healthcare apps like DoctorInsta and Practo is certainly a wise thing to do. 

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