Five festivals in March that celebrate the country’s diversity

Festivals are a time to come together and revel in some good moments.  And it is a known fact how much Indians love celebrating festive times. In India, some of the bigger festivals fall in the latter half of the year. The first half is quite mellow on the festival quotient, yet there are a few celebrations that are known to take certain states by a festive storm. 

Here’s taking a look at five vibrant festivals celebrated across the country that showcase its diversity.

1. Holi

The festival of colours, Holi, is celebrated all across India with much fervour. It starts with lighting a bonfire, known as Holika Dahan, which signifies the triumph of good over evil. The main festival is all about getting drenched in colours, water and happiness. The best way to experience this festival is to visit the holy place of Vrindavan. 

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2. Elephant festival in Jaipur

The Elephant Festival happens in Jaipur in March and is quite a colourful, grand and glittering affair. This festival has encountered its share of roadblocks due to multiple animal rights groups and has also been called off in the past. The festival has been conducted in recent times but the elephants may be missing. There isn’t much news at the moment, but make sure you check with proper authorities before heading to Rajasthan for this one. 

The Elephant festival
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3. Shigmotsav in Goa

This is a festival of the masses and marks the coming of the spring season in Goa. Dressed in colourful traditional costumes, local folk groups are known to enthrall with splendid dance performances. If you wish to indulge in some true spirit of Goan culture, make sure to attend Shigmotsav in March. 

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4. Yoga festival in Rishikesh

The Ganges is the birthplace of yoga and this is where the International Yoga Festival (IYF) is hosted. Spread over a week, IYF is the Mecca of yoga trainers and experts from around the world. During this festival, picturesque Rishikesh effortlessly transforms from a religious hub to a place bustling with hippie culture. Make sure to attend this event at least once; registrations are strictly online. 

Yoga festival
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5. Arattu festival in Kerala

Arattu is five-day festival in Kerala that is marked with grand elephant processions, beautiful silk umbrellas and all-night Kathakali dances. Celebrated in the Janardhan Swamy temple, Arattu is one of the most significant festivals in God’s Own Country.  

Arattu festival
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