Filmfare-nominated short film, Purana Pyaar, tugs at your heartstrings

We all know how special first love is. It is difficult to forget that first special one and move on to find someone else. While today we see a lot of young love stories, not many directors delve into the space of mature love stories. Purana Pyaar is one such gem that reminds us that love can happen at any age. It is a story of Sunaina Sharma (Lillette Dubey) and Dev Singh (Mohan Agashe) who meet in an old age home. This short film beautifully brings out that special connection between these two old souls.  

Set in a mountainous region of India, Purana Pyaar is a story of Dev and Sunaina. They are roughly in their sixties and run away from an old age home called Sunset Years. Why? Well, in search of freedom, happiness, adventure and probably a second shot at romance. They hop onto a bus, go far away from the old age home and explore the picturesque mountains around them. And as they do this, they share their woes with each other, thus finding solace. 

Lillete Dubey
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Dev is young at heart and completely believes in YOLO, a term he’s learnt from his grandchildren. He’s a widower and does miss his wife but does not believe in sulking about what’s lost and gone. He wants to make the most of today. He’s happy for the moment and living it to the fullest. His failed attempts at mild flirting with Sunaina would surely evoke some chuckles from the viewer. And Dev’s flamboyance is brilliantly played by Mohan Agashe. Sunaina, on the other hand, is introverted and quiet. She’s a divorcee and the broken marriage has made her averse to getting to know someone new again. She doesn’t even know if it is worth it. Lillette Dubey plays this character with quiet reserve and panache. 

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The director handles the topic with finesse and successfully brings out the emotions onto the screen. The golden feather in this cap is the voice of singer Suresh Wadkar in the background score. The light-hearted moment of the lead couple booking rooms in a slightly odd motel adds a touch of humour. And the climax scene will not blow your mind but surely surprise you and bring on a smile. A short story wrapped under 22 minutes, Purana Pyaar is well-paced. This simple tale of two individuals in their twilight years looking for happiness will tug at your heartstrings.