From favelas to football’s biggest stage - The journey of Neymar

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Did we mention he is one of the best players we know of when we speak of football? Yes, that’s Neymar! A Brazilian by birth, Neymar is a bon vivant. He loves his career as much as he loves his lavish lifestyle. Let’s look at how glamorous his life has been:

His father, who is also his manager now, describes his old house in Mogi Das Cruzes, (Neymar’s place of birth) as a place where the entire town used to throw garbage. 

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Neymar, along with his extended family lived there in a small house for about 8 years, until Neymar developed an interest in football and became a professional. 

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His passion to fulfill his dreams to become a superstar is what keeps him going even today, his father says. He goes on to claim that Neymar was a hyperactive child and he still is. 

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It was his first coach, Betinho, who saw the talent in the little boy and trained him like no other. “Of all the boys, none of them had what Neymar has. He moves fast. That is the facility to trick your opponent, to dribble, to move your own body” says Betinho.

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His devotion for the sport kept him going and at the age of only 17, little Neymar made his football debut with Santos FC. Climbing the next step on the ladder was not very far then. At 21, he started playing for FC Barcelona.

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The credit obviously goes to his play that today has made him the glamorous person that he is now. Neymar now owns a lavish private jet that he uses for his travel with his family. Neymar is also a father of the little Davi Lucca with his former partner Carolina Dantas.

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Neymar is always active on social media where he keeps posting multiple pictures of him partying quite often. 

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He also loves being the fashionista of the football world and continues to impress the media with his appearances. Also fond of tattoos, Neymar has his sister’s face, his son’s and mother’s face and dad’s eyes, amongst others, tattooed on his arm.

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He believes that the Brazilian superstar Kaka is his idol and follows him religiously. He also donates 10% of his pay cheque to the church. For a special charitable cause, he organizes a football tournament each year with Nene to raise money for food.

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The latest addition to his lavish lifestyle is the new private jet he bought after owning a yacht, a helicopter and several other properties across Brazil.

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