Fashion icons who just don’t seem to age!

Staying timeless is an art. And some celebrities seem to have mastered it. Defying the effects of time, here’s our list of the top Bollywood celebrities who have crossed 50, and don’t look it at all!

1. Juhi Chawla – Sugar, spice, always bubbly and nice!

With the perfect cherubic smile, and impeccable comic timing, she portrayed innocence like no other. Despite being 50, she looks no different from 2 decades ago when she portrayed the simple and sweet girl, in Yes Boss. But she wasn’t just sugar and all things nice. In contrast to her usual roles, her portrayal of a shrewd and cold politician in Gulaab Gang shows just how good her acting skills were.

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2. Madhuri Dixit – Makes our hearts go ‘Dhak Dhak’

She’s not just a muse for an eponymous movie (Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon) but also a dance icon for millions. Even her eyes seem to be super skilled (remember the song Akhiyan Milau, from the movie Raja)! From portraying a heartbroken yet independent woman in Devdas to a fiercely protective feminist village head in Gulaab Gang, she exuded charm in every role.

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3. Sridevi – As refreshing as ‘Hawa Hawai’

Starting her career off as a child actor who won many awards, Sridevi is a common household name across the length and breadth of the country. Multi-lingual, multi-talented and still as graceful as ever, she has been a fashion icon for decades. Her recent movies (like English Vinglish) have given us graceful ageing goals. It is no wonder that naino mein sapna, sapno mein Sridevi!

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4. Sarika – A beauty in everyone’s eyes

It’s not just her eyes and youthful skin we get lost in, it’s also her award-winning acting! After all, it’s not easy to make an audience shake with emotion, as a young distressed mother (Parzaania) and then effortlessly essay a role in a comedy film (Bheja Fry). All done while looking graceful in both, might we add. We’d like a drink from the fountain of youth she’s drinking from!

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5. Rekha – Grace, poise and elegance

When it comes to this graceful lady, words fail us! Over 180 movies and she’s still killing it in the fashion scene. With her gorgeous silk sarees and her long hair, she epitomises the South Indian grace. Portraying a variety of roles that ranged from a court dancer to royalty, mother to grandmother, she’s proved time and again that beauty, brains and skills go hand-in-hand for her.

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6. Deepti Naval – Beauty of the Road Less Travelled

Plenty of awards have found their way to her for her amazing acting skills. Her roles have always been anything but exaggerated and dramatic. They’ve been relatable and real – from a woman coming to terms with being her own person in Leela to a mother understanding her son’s choices in Memories in March. And if you do a then and now comparison of her pictures, this beautiful woman seems to have hit the pause button on ageing!

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7. Shabana Azmi – The Face of New Wave Cinema

The epitome of grace, this actor has given us goals. From Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd to Umrao Jaan, her portrayal of characters has been so perfect. She effortlessly made us feel both sorry for her characters in some movies and anger at her mistreatment of Umrao Jaan. She only leaves us wondering if we’ll ever age that effortlessly. PS: We couldn’t think of a more fitting person to inspire Javed Akhtar’s poetry!

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8. Hema Malini – Everyone’s Dream Girl

She adeptly switched from playing the zesty Basanti in Sholay to the gentle Seeta in Seeta aur Geeta, while simultaneously switching our thoughts from complexes to goals! Still the Dream Girl, she inspires us enough for us to sigh whenever we see her. And her timeless charisma is yet to be matched by any of the current crop of actresses.

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9. Sharmila Tagore – The queen in reel and real life

What can we say about the Begum herself? Known for her illustrious roots (related to Rabindranath Tagore) and her acting skills, she is also among the most adventurous. Being the first Indian actress to sport a bikini, way back in the 60s (An Evening in Paris), carved a niche for her. Inspiring a country-full of men to sing for their sapno ki rani, she still exudes a timeless and marvelous grace. And most definitely rules our hearts!

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