Fantastic music that FIFA gave the world

Published on 13th Jul 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Sports and music go hand in hand: Team anthems, national anthems, chants for famous players, and the impromptu songs that fans start singing in chorus – they all add to the festive atmosphere of any sporting event. Almost all the events nowadays release a celebratory anthem before the tournament begins, and fans tend to sing along those tunes throughout the tournament. Here are a few fan favourites from the previous editions of FIFA World Cup.

1. 1962 – El Rock del Mundial

It was the age of Elvis Presley and rock music was the sound of every party. It’s no wonder, then, that the FIFA World Cup adopted the theme of the hour: The Chilean rock band, Los Ramblers, touched hearts all over the world with this original FIFA anthem – whose title translates to “The Rock of the World”. The music is accented with claps and referee’s whistles and the video clip shows Chile’s previous World Cup campaigns.

2. 1994 – We Are the Champions

For a song that started its life as a FIFA World Cup anthem, ‘We are the Champions’ is now the unofficial victory anthem at almost all sporting events. It lived up to the tall ambitions of the songwriter, Freddie Mercury, who intended the song to be one that unifies people. In 2011, a team of scientific researchers concluded that it was the catchiest song in the history of pop music even though it did not hit #1 in the charts

3. 1998 – La Copa de la Vida

Translating to “The Cup of Life”, this song can never be praised enough. With a carnivalesque setting and the Latin-flavored tune, the anthem made the world fall in love with Latin music. The song was recorded in Spanish and English, and both versions hit #1 on the charts in many countries. The fame this song achieved took the FIFA anthem tradition to the next level.

4. 2010 – Wavin’ Flag

K’Naan, the Somali-Canadian artist was chosen to do a celebratory version of his original song for FIFA World Cup 2010, to be held in Africa. The song’s inspirational lyrics have a sense of unity and hope. The authentic earthy vocals made it an instant hit all over the world. Despite the love it received, Shakira’s “Waka Waka”, which became a huge hit, was declared as the official anthem. Its colourful theme and the iconic choreography have etched the song in our memory.

5. 2014 – We Are One

This song featuring Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez was bound to be a commercial success – but Brazilians, the hosts of the World Cup 2014, felt that the song lacked appropriate representation of their culture. Another version was shot and the music changed slightly to suit the Afro Brazilian group Olodum’s style of drumming. We’re sure everyone has danced to the chorus “Ole ole ole ola”. This is one of the most watched World Cup songs of all time.

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