Famous movie dialogues guaranteed to make you popular

Published on 15th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

One thing that unites people across India is Bollywood. Our film industry has given us some great gems over the years including some iconic Bollywood dialogues. Whether you are meeting up with close friends or even in a group of strangers – one sure-shot way of keeping the conversation going is by quoting some famous movie dialogues.

Here we bring you some of the best Bollywood dialogues to cover up any awkward silences and make you the star of the group.

1. Don : “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin … namumkin hai”

This famous Bollywood dialogue has lasted through decades to still be one of the most popular lines. Whether you saw the original Amitabh Bachchan starrer or the remake with Shah Rukh Khan, one thing is for sure – this dialogue is what made the movie memorable. The style and aplomb with which it was delivered made it almost a James Bond moment. Everyone from school children to adults use this line in various situations.

2. Sholay : “Kitne aadmi the?”

This iconic line delivered by Gabbar became the punchline for many conversations for years after the movie’s release. Other Bollywood movies have also referenced to this iconic film through this line. With great delivery by Amjad Khan, this line is likely recognised by everyone from boomers to gen Z.

3. Mr India : “Mogambo khush hua”

A villain we loved to hate, Mr India’s Mogambo was one of the best villains ever, as was his trademark line. A family movie Mr. India is one of the most-loved movies and this famous Bollywood dialogue gets cheered on every time it comes on. From appreciating a good lunch to enjoying a vacation, people have used this line to express their happiness in the most diverse situations.

Mr India
4. Wanted : “Ek bar joh maine commitment kar di, uske baad toh main khud ki bhi nahi sunta”

Salman Khan has given audiences a lot to enjoy over the years – from amazing action sequences to iconic dance steps and even hilarious comic moments. Safe to say his dialogue delivery is not lacking in any way, making this line one of the most famous Bollywood dialogues. Why assure someone you are immovable from your word in boring terms when you can express the same in a fun-filled and typical Bollywood manner?

5. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge : “Bade bade deshon mein aaisi choti choti baatein, hoti rehti hai”

One of India’s most successful and well-loved romantic movies starring none other than the dynamic duo, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. This line, said so simply and innocently in the movie, is a great expression for not sweating the small stuff. Just listening to the line brings ease and makes you realise life is so much bigger than the small obstacles that arise.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
6. Damini : “Tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh”

When scheduling conflicts have you constantly rescheduling your meeting, chances are this is the line that springs to mind. Anger and frustration at the slow delivery of justice is something we can all relate to and Sunny Deol captured the angst perfectly. Delivered in true Sunny Deol action-hero style, this line became an instant hit and was often re-enacted anytime something was postponed!

7 . Shahenshah : “Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai aur naam hai shahenshah”

India’s very own superstar Amitabh Bachchan is responsible for some of the most famous movie dialogues in that deep voice of his but none as fabulous as this. This introduction makes every introduction seem lame and timid. The line actually acknowledges this by literally calling Shahenshah the other’s daddy! Armed with the black and silver bodysuit and the night as the backdrop, this line and movie are one of the greatest in the world ever.

8. 3 Idiots : “All izz well”

No list of best Bollywood dialogues can be complete without this tiny yet powerful addition. What makes it all the more endearing is Aamir Khan’s particular pronunciation. This short line is a great stress reliever and can help you calm down even in the most difficult situations. As the rest of the dialogue says, even though it may not fix your problems, it gives you the strength to face your problems. Pearls of wisdom indeed.

3 Idiots
9. Baazigar : “Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch harna bhi padta hai, aur haar kar jeetnay wale ko baazigar kehte hain”

The term Baazigar literally translates to a magician or illusionist and Shah Rukh Khan certainly added magic to his performance with this fabulous dialogue. If you look closely though, it is one of the wisest statements in strategy too. Knowing when to lose for the greater win is what truly makes one exceptional. After all, a few battles lost won’t matter if you win the war!

10. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S : “Tension lene ka nahin, sirf dene ka”

Circuit’s character got several laughs, but this dialogue takes the cake. For those who get tensed at every little thing, this Bollywood dialogue is a great reminder to not take stress but give it. A cheeky line that said in a tense or awkward group situation is sure to get a few laughs and lighten the mood.

Munna Bhai

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