Facts about Wimbledon, we bet you didn't know!

There is nothing quite as extraordinary in the career of a tennis player as lifting a trophy on center court at Wimbledon. A highly-acclaimed tournament held on grass courts, here are some astonishing facts about Wimbledon that will make watching it in 2019 even more interesting!

1. Wimbledon is world’s oldest tennis tournament ever

The first ever tennis tournament was held by Wimbledon in the year 1877 at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club aka AELTC. To start off, the tournament was advertised as a “Lawn tennis meeting, open to all amateurs”. Ironically, everyone was allowed from the crowd to participate. That particular year, only the Men’s Singles event was played. Ladies’ Singles and Men’s Doubles event only came into existence in 1844 and later on Ladies’ Doubles and Mixed Doubles were added to the history in 1913. 

Wimbledon - World’s oldest tennis tournament
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2. More than 54,000 balls are used in Wimbledon every year

Every year, over 54,000 Slazenger tennis balls are prepared for the Wimbledon tournament. The balls are inspected and replaced every seven to nine games.  The balls which are not used are refrigerated in a container, for them to look spotless and flawless. One more fun fact related to these balls are, that you can buy one can for £2.50 after Wimbledon is done with them. Looks like a great deal!

Facts about Wimbledon
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3. Wimbledon has a strict dress code for its players

There is a very strict dress code that has to be followed by all Wimbledon players. The players must dress in white from top to bottom. Once, in 2013 Wimbledon champion Rodger Federer was asked to change his shoes just because they had orange soles. 

Dress code for Wimbledon players
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4. Ball Boys & Ball Girls are officially trained!

Ball boys & girls at Wimbledon are efficiently coached and selected from 27 nearby schools. At the tender age of 15, they have the ultimate job of keeping a track of the fast-moving tennis balls in the stadium. They also need to take a test, so that the staff can make sure if they can stand completely still for 3 minutes. Each BBG has to attend the weekly training sessions of 2.5 hours with an attentive and dedicated attitude.

Ball boys & girls at Wimbledon
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5. No one gets to keep the trophy

The champions of Ladies' and Men’s tournaments are awarded at the end of the match. The women receive a silver round platter known as a salver around their trophies, while the men receive a golden cup. But! But! Unfortunately, none of them gets to keep the trophy. All the Wimbledon trophies are kept to the display in the All England Club’s museum. They do get to keep a replica of the trophy as a memory of the match.

No one gets to keep the Wimbledon trophy
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