The extraordinary life of an ordinary man – Sunil Dutt

Life becomes awfully challenging for a person dealing with the loss of a loved one. Sunil Dutt was shattered when his wife Nargis passed away at the age of 51. To add to his misery, Sunil could see his son Sanjay involved in substance abuse. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of the challenges that lay ahead of them. Here’s how he dealt with all of them, systematically and serenely.

Sunil understood the psyche of his young children — Sanjay, Priya and Namrata. He did not burden them with his expectations. Sunil was known to be a disciplined man with strong principles. He also added ‘flexibility’ to his dictionary. He started becoming Sanjay’s best friend in order to guide him. He realised that his son needed support more than scolding. It was this understanding that helped him pull Sanjay out of darkness.
It’s not easy to juggle the roles of an accomplished actor, producer, director, and politician. But for Sunil, his role as a father was equally (if not more) challenging. Showing the right path to your grown-up kid is no cakewalk. Sunil handled the situation tactfully by giving Sanjay space, sharing a drink, and lending a shoulder. And, in the end, all of this did work!
Once Sanjay overcame his addiction, he got involved in other wrongdoings. And yet again, his father pledged to get him out of it. Sunil counselled his spoilt brat, punished him, and tried to transform him. Though others said it was too late to do so, Sunil had faith in Sanjay’s character and ability. He made sure that all speculations about his downfall were proven wrong. That’s the love of a parent. Pure and perpetual!
Once criminal charges were levied on Sanjay, there was little that Sunil could do. The protective father and peace activist reached out to legal authorities and political leaders to free his son. These incidents not only affected his peace of mind, but also brought his longstanding political career to a halt.
The doting father not only provided Sanjay with a launch pad, he also held his hand throughout his career. Sunil did not give up disciplining a son who was in his forties. He stood like a rock – through Sanjay’s troubled relationships, during his time in prison, and whenever he needed him. This ideal father has left a lasting impression on his children and on all those who know the story of his struggles.
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