Exciting games you must not miss out on this Diwali

Published on 12th Jan 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

The auspicious festival of Diwali is incomplete without some crazy games. Late night fun with your family is a must ritual after Lakshmi Puja. Huddle together with your loved ones and share a laugh or two with these exciting games which are sure to give some chucklesome memories. 

1. Taboo

Taboo is a word-guessing party game perfect to play with your family this Diwali. All you have to do is guess the word on the player's card without using the word itself. You can play with ready-made cards or customize your own version.

Taboo Diwali Game
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2. Diwali Charades

Add a desi twist to the basic charades game, herein a person acts like a family member and players have to guess who it is. Show off your mimicry skills at the most-awaited Diwali family gathering. Be it the one that yawns or the one who likes to dress wacky, mimic them all and get the momentum of the party going.

Diwali Charades
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3. Situation, Truth and Dare

As long as there are stories, this game will never lose its charm. This uproarious game is sure to bring some of the funniest revelations out in the light.

Situation, Truth and Dare
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4. Never have I ever

Uncover your family members’ craziest life decisions with this game.
This game brings some of the most hilarious questions to the table. So get ready for some ‘woah’ moments. 

Never have I ever
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5. Bluff

Diwali is incomplete without a good game of Taash (cards). And if you feel that you don’t know how to play Taash, this one will definitely change your mind. All you need to do is convince them that you ain’t bluffing. Keep the players guessing and be the ‘Bluffmaster’

Bluff Cards Diwali Game
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6. Cards Against Sanskaar

This one is the desi version of the ultra famous game ‘Cards against Humanity’ Gather your cousins and host this ‘young, bold and hilarious’ game to earn some crazy moments of laughter. 

Cards against Sanskar Diwali Game
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7. Desi Pictionary

This iconic game shows us the real creativity of your family members and friends. Play this one to stir up everyone’s imagination. Add Bollywood songs and unheard movie names to the game to make it harder for the players to guess. This game will definitely bring out the Picassos in the family together to paint that perfect picture of the movie.

Desi Pictionary Diwali Game
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8. Uno

Not a very Diwali game but what about those who aren’t game for taash? This game will certainly bring back all your childhood memories including the one where someone abruptly changed the rules of the game just because they were losing. 

Uno Cards Diwali Game
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9. Jenga

Bring in some fun to your Diwali party with this classic game. Test your strategy and luck with this one. This game is sure to mount loads of suspense and laughter in the room. 

P.S: Try giant jenga to involve your entire family at once in the game.

Jenga Diwali Game
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