Everything you didn’t understand about FIFA- The First Half

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

With football frenzy at its peak, everyone will be talking scores and goals. Let’s prep for the game with this list of A to Z soccer terms that will test your understanding of the game. There are a few often misunderstood phrases in the list, see if you ever got them wrong. Here is the part 1 to the list.

Angles- This term is most often used for goalkeepers. They practise creeping out towards the person with the ball in order to reduce
the shooting angle. It’s called “narrowing the angles”.
Ball watching- This is used in reference to a player who is focussed on watching where the ball is at all times.
Blind side- It refers to playing the ball to the opposite side of where the opponent is focussed. But, teams know better than that and
so always keep their best offensive linemen on the blind side to reduce the risk of a goal they didn’t expect.
Box- It’s the 18 yard penalty area where strikers do the damage

FIFA - The First Half
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Breakaway goal- When a team is in a lot of pressure and has to defend a lot, but manages to counter attack and get a goal, it’s
called a ‘breakaway goal’.
Chip- A shot that flies the ball in the air.

FIFA - The First Half
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Cover- When a second soccer player defends the first soccer player from the opponents. This is how the principles of first and
second defender come out in play.
Cross- When the ball is played diagonally from the flanks into the box. It is often a long pass in the air.
Decoy Run- When a player plays out a run only to distract others from his intended play. It is also called creating space
Dummy- Just like decoy, this is any trick that a player deploys to confuse the opponent.
Early ball- When a pass is made to a player at the earliest opportunity.
Fakeover- This is where a player will pretend like he will take the ball from his teammate that is in possession of the ball, but he will
not and they will just run past each other.
First touch- The most vital skill of any soccer player is that he should get the ball under control and set up his next option.

FIFA - The First Half
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Free kick- When there has been a foul in the game, the referee stops the play and the game is to be restarted with a free kick. In
1997 while playing against France, Roberto Carlos gave the game a spectacular free kick that would be remembered in history.
Give and go- Where a player passes the ball only to receive it back. It is also called a wall pass or 1-2.
Goal Side- is the area between the ball and the goal, while defending.
Half Volley- When a player volleys an upward bouncing ball, it’s a half volley.
Heading – It’s when a player uses his head to direct the ball’s flight. Robin van Persie redefined a header with his spectacular goal
in 2014 WC against Spain.

FIFA - The First Half
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Hollywood Ball- This is a very ambitious pass that is actually to be seen only in the movies.
Inswinger- This is when the flight’s ball arcs towards the target.
Jockeying- This is when a team doesn’t tackle but only prevents the advancement of the opponent by persistent stalling

FIFA - The First Half
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