Everything and anything you need to know about Pongal

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

With the colourful festival of Pongal coming around, we thought of looking at how it is celebrated. And with this intention, we found out that the traditions and rituals are nothing short of magical. If you too, did not know enough about Pongal, take a good read and know in detail about this harvest festival.

1. The festival celebrates the abundance of crops and in essence is about thanking Lord Indra, the God of Rain for a healthy harvest.

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2. Family members are often seen gathering around a bonfire, made of cow dung and wood that is symbolic representation of new beginnings.

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3. Beautiful rangolis known as Kolam, are a delightful visual of this festival. Competitions are held and in some cases, both men and women participate in making these rangolis.

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4. The sweet dish Pongal, is central to this festival. It is made by boiling sweetened rice in an earthenware pot until it overflows, as a symbolic representation of abundant harvest. It is first offered to God and then relished by families together.

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5. The thanks and festive spirits extends to the cattle as well. They are dressed up with colourful clothes and ornament and later, aartis are performed

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6. It is a beautiful sight to watch people participating with unmatched vigour and enthusiasm of this festival in the southern parts of the country.

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7. To summarise, the harvest festival of Pongal appeals to all our senses and we too, look forward to celebrating with enthusiasm. Check this video to know the significance of each day of Pongal.


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