Everyone's favourite Guardians are back to save the galaxy!

Ready for some fun with the galaxy’s best crew? Then be sure to tune into ‘MARVEL Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’, on Tata Sky Showcase. For some who need a fresher course on the guardians, here is everything you need to know about them, in a few simple lines.

1.Drax is actually a pretty nice guy…not that they give the title ‘The Destroyer’ to anyone.
2. Although mostly a lone wolf, Gamora has found her family with the Guardians, acting as the voice of reason among the crew.
3. The cutest member of the guardians, Baby Groot is that one friend we all wish we had.
4. Don’t let her looks fool you, Mantis is as tough as any of the Guardians, she can even put a planet to sleep!
5.Sworn enemy of her sister, Gamora, Nebula has pledged to hunt her to the deepest reaches of the galaxy…you know, just sibling things.
6. The trash talking genius- Rocket is the Guardian’s main engineer and can build guns from anything…ANYTHING!
7.Star-Lord A.K.A. Peter Quill is a man from a simpler time. He is always ready for a fight, all he needs is a funky beat!
8. The leader of the Ravagers, he has been Peter Quill’s daddy since childhood and raised him as one of his own.
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