Evergreen Bollywood on-screen pairs to watch over and over again

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Hindi cinema is mesmerising and part of that magic is the magnetic pull that the actors exert from the screen. They make us laugh and cry and fall in love with love all over again. Here are five on-screen star pairs whose charisma set the screen on fire. They sure don’t make them like that anymore!

1. Raj Kapoor – Nargis : A man, a woman, and an umbrella in the pouring rain…the golden couple of Hindi cinema spelled sheer magic every time they appeared on screen. Their romance was intense (watch the ‘Junglee’ scene inAwara) and real. Theirs was a soulful romance, underlined by searing passion, and gave RK films its famous logo – a woman, half swooning in the arms of a man, as he holds a violin.

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2. Dilip Kumar – Madhubala : Two stunning people who infused their magic into some of the best movies in Hindi cinema. Despite the restrain with which romantic scenes were depicted on screen, they sizzled every time they enacted a romantic scene. Don’t believe us? Just watch the feather scene in Mughal-e-Azam or the picturisation of Beimaan tore nainwa from Taraana, to know what we mean.

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3. Dharmendra – Hema Malini : The ‘He-Man’ and the ‘Dream Girl’ acted in a stupendous 42 films together, starting with Sharafat. They flirted and wooed each other, squabbled and made up, fought for and danced for each other – no other screen pairing has had the kind of longevity that this dashing couple have had. It helped, too, that they were a stunningly good-looking couple, and when they appeared together, it was sheer magic.

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4. Rajesh Khanna – Mumtaz : He was the King of Romance, she was the snub-nosed beauty who clawed her way to the top. Together, they set the screen on fire, forming a successful onscreen pair, acting in ten films, all of them super hits. Their screen outings were flirtatious and their romance, breezy – yes, even in the angst-riddenAapkiKasam.

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5. Farooque Shaikh – Deepti Naval : They were ‘real’. An unconventional hero, and a cute-as-button heroine. They showed us that ordinary people could lead normal lives and still have the same emotions as our fantasy heroes and heroines. They made ‘ordinary’ appealing again, and did it brilliantly. They even made Tooti-Frooti popular again!

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