The Ever-echoing Dialogues of Bollywood Penned by Kader Khan

The Writer No.1 of Bollywood Kader Khan took his last breath on 1st January 2019 and we just can’t accept the fact that he’s no more. Little do people know that apart from being a great actor, he was also one of the best dialogue writers and is the one behind a lot of Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda’s dialogues. Losing him is the greatest loss of Bollywood, indeed. Let's look back at his best dialogues of all time:

“Itna sannata kyon hai bhai?” from the film Sholay was given to Amitabh Bachchan at the peak of his career to make him a legend that he is today

Sholay Movie
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Jindagi mein aadmi doich time itna jaldi bhagta hai – Olympic ka race ho ya polis ka case ho”. This is yet another dialogue by Amitabh from the film Amar Akbar Anthony

Amar Akbar Anthony
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“Yeh duniya jhoot ke paiyon par chalne waali woh gaadi hai ... jis mein petrol ki jagah gareebon ke armaan jalte hai”


“Bahar jinki hoti hai puja ... andhar se woh aadmi hota hai duja”. The film Aunty No.1 wouldn’t have been the same without these Kader Khan dialogues delivered by Govinda

Aunty No.1
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“Hume sirf ek take milta hai, sirf ek take... aur agar uss ek take mein humse koi galati ho jati hai ... toh maut ke samne zindagi ghutne take deti hai”. This famous dialogue by Akshay Kumar(Khiladi) from the film Main Khiladi Tu Anari was undoubtedly an award-winning one

Main Khiladi Tu Anari
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We lost our senses when Kaderji gave Aamir Khan his famous dialogue “Dawa bhi kaam na aaye, koi dua na lage ... mere khuda kisiko pyar ki hawa na lage from the film Sarfarosh

Sarfarosh Movie
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This dialogue from Hum “Bachpan ki buri aadatein aur buri baatein insaan ko bura bana deti hai” is true even today. Amitji and Kader had become great buddies after they shot multiple blockbusters together

Hum Dialogue
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“Pyar hum dono ne kiya ... magar tadapna sirf mere naseeb mein aaya”  from Naseeb is a dialogue that is remembered by one and all even today

Naseeb Movie
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Who can ever forget “Apun kutte ki woh dum hai joh barah baras nalli mein daalke rakho ... nalli tedhi ho jayegi ... apun seedha nahi hoga from Laawaris! This one made Amitji quite popular 

Laawaris Dialogue
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