Epic Dhanush dialogues from his most loved movies

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Kollywood star Dhanush may not have the conventional good looks or the physique of a movie star but he’s got some serious acting chops and an amazing dialogue delivery. No Dhanush movie is complete without his cleverly delivered punch lines, standout monologues, witty comebacks or his characteristic droll retorts. Immensely popular, his one-liners have made it to memes and mobile ringtones too.

We bring you some of his most memorable dialogues over the years.

1. ‘If you are bad’ from Maari 2

When the villain Beeja aka Thanatos menacingly says that he is a very, very bad man, what do you think our hero says? Dhanush, who plays the gangster Maari comebacks with the witty, “If you are bad, I am your dad.” His hilarious, mocking tone makes the dialogue unforgettable. A quintessential Dhanush movie, Maari 2 is peppered with many such punches.  You can watch the world television premiere of Maari 2 on Tata Sky Tamil Cinema.

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2. ‘Senjuruven’ from Maari

Dhanush’s ‘ Senjuruven’ in Maari will remind you of Rajnikanth, especially when he stylishly flicks his fingers and mouths this iconic dialogue. You will love Dhanush’s look in the movie with his garish floral shirts and bling and of course his swag and the comic repartees.

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3. “Naanga ellam tsunami laye swimming eh podravanga” from Aadukalam

Dhanush absolutely nails the Madurai dialect in Aadukalam. He has some really sharp dialogues in this movie such as ‘kondhae poduven’. However, "Bayama! enakka! heyheyy naangaellam tsunami laye swimming eh podravanga" is a league in itself. You can't help but whistle for Dhanush when he says it.

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4. “Yarukku pudikadhu? Naai punnaiku kudhadha amma na pudikkum” from Pudhupettai

A gangster movie like no other, Pudhupettai got Dhanush both critical acclaim and cult status in Kollywood. Dhanush delivers some fine monologues in the movie including, “Yarukku pudikadhu? Naai punnaiku kudhadha amma na pudikkum.” The film’s dialogues, "Theeya velai seiyyanum Kumaru" and "Kadavul irukaan Kumaru" became so popular that they have been used as movie titles.

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5. “Enn peru Kumaru Kokki Kumaru. Kelvi Pathrukiya” from Vai Raja Vai

If Bollywood has Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic “Rahul, naam toh suna hi hoga”, then this is its Kollywood equivalent. Dhanush only made a guest appearance in Vai Raja Vai, and in this dialogue he references his famous role as Kokki Kumaru in Pudhupettai. It has become one of his most remembered punch lines. 

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6. “Vazhkaila namma enjoy pannura velaya seiyyanum. Ilana sethranum” from Mayakkam Enna

This dialogue is more than a punch line that gets whistles and claps. It’s a life lesson. And the matter-of-fact way in which Dhanush delivers it makes it even more impactful. It struck a chord with the youth, persuading and encouraging them to follow their heart and do what they love. No wonder that the dialogue has made it to memes and so many motivational WhatsApp forwards.

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7. “Actualla naan konjam bad boy sir” from Velaiyilla Pattathari

Dhanush’s "Enna Sir? Vagudu eduthu varna mudi butti kannadi lam pathu pazham nu nenachuteengala? Actualla naan konjam bad boy Sir," was written for the masses. This blockbuster movie is peppered with many such one-liners and clever replies. Dhanush is at his best in this commercial entertainer.

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