Eight ways to take care of yourself this winter season

Winter is here! While many people look forward to the crispweather, the chill also means you need to change your hair and skincare routine. Here are our tried-and-tested tips on how to beat the chill this season.

1. Revive listless hair

It’s oil to the rescue! Revive dull and listless hair with a warm oil massage and make it lustrous again. The right hair oil can do wonders foryour hair: it can reduce hair fall and split ends, and give you a lustrous mane.

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2. Protect your skin

Use sunscreen or an aloe vera gel to cleanse, repair and protect your skin. Regular use is guaranteed to give you that radiant glow!

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3. Banish dark circles

The skin around the eyes isthinner and moresusceptible to discolouring.Use cucumber slices to reduce dark circles and an ice pack to reduce puffiness. An eye mask can work wonders inundoing the effects of fatigue.

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4. Work on that pout

There are two reasons why we hate chapped lips: they are painful and don’t look good. But there’s a simple solution to get back the perfect pout: keep a lip balm or some petroleum jelly handy and apply it as often as possible.

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5. Bid farewell to cracked heels

Most people will agree that cracked heelsare the bane of winter. Petroleum jelly is a simple and inexpensive way of getting rid of them. Slather petroleum jelly on your heels and wear cotton socks after you have a bath or before you sleep at night. This works great in two ways: it moisturises and helps heal cracked heels, and also prevents them from occurring in the first place.

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6. Strengthen your nails

When was the last time you thought of your nails (no, we aren’t exactly talking about the monthly manicures here)? Did you know that your nails are beacons of your overall health? A diet rich in iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, D and E can lead to healthy and shiny nails. You can also strengthen your nails by massaging them with a warm olive oil thrice a week.

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7. Keep hydrated

Water is essential for the wellbeing of your hair and skin. Drink enough water — whether you drink eight glasses or listen to your body on how much it needs, is up to you.This ensures that skin doesnot lose its moisture and remains glowing. A little warm water with lemon istasty, refreshing and helps with hydration as well.

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8. Skip long baths

Who doesn’t love long, hot showers? Well, you might, but your skin won’t!Hot water strips essential oils from the skin, leaving it dull anddry. Opt for lukewarm water instead you’ll see your skin thank you!

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