Earn vouchers equivalent to the amount you invest in a new TataSky connection. We tell you how!

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Tatasky is here to help you again. And this time with extra benefits. Apart from all the services and Entertainment that we’re known for, we now have a very special limited time offer for you! Learn about the offer here.

With TataSky being one of the top players in the DTH service, we’re now here to offer extra benefits along with a new TataSky connection. To get the best of it visit.

Tata Sky_Vouchers Plan

When you buy a new Set Top Box(STB), you can now avail the limited time offer of getting  VOUCHERS worth the same amount as that of the STB. For eg: If your new connection costs Rs. 1000, you get vouchers in exchange for Rs. 1000, which means double mazza, isn’t it? To avail, these vouchers visit

Tata Sky_Vouchers Plan_2

The vouchers may vary in categories such as Entertainment, Online shopping, Lifestyle, food and Apparel. Get what you like here.

Tata Sky_Vouchers Plan_3

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