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Published on 17th Sep 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Tata Sky is now offering customized DTH solutions for businesses and housing societies. But, how will any of this benefit you?

Well, imagine having every home of your society with a DTH solution, each of them will have their own dish antennas placed on the terrace, balconies or all over the building. Is there a better solution to this unorganized but inevitable problem? Now with Tata Sky, any housing society can easily opt for a ‘Single Dish Solution’. Not only does this declutter your building, this solution is easily expandable to manage multiple homes, making sure your society remains neat and orderly.Click here to know more on single dish solutions.


Besides housing societies, a customized solution can work best for businesses as well. Apart from the “Single Dish solution”, Tata Sky also provides a Dedicated Account Manager along with Annual Service Commitment with Multiple recharge options - making it a highly efficient package.Click here to know more.

So be it corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, education centers… Tata Sky’s customized DTH solutions greatly helps in streamlining the entertainment requirements giving you a ‘Single Solution for your Multiple Needs’.

With over 18k million customers and 1,50,000 business choosing Tata Sky as their entertainment partner, it’s time you too enjoy these advantages.  So, if you wish to know more about Tata Sky customized DTH solutions,Click here and we will be happy to get back to you.

Tata Sky Corporate Offers DTH Solutions
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