Did you know Tollywood’s allrounder Adivi Sesh also wrote and directed this movie?

The last few years have seen the emergence of a new wave of cinema in Tollywood. Content is king and like never before. Strong, compelling stories are replacing tried and tested movie formulae and typical masala potboilers. Recent blockbusters such as Baahubali, Kshanam and Goodachari are wowing not just audiences but critics as well. What’s common in all these movies? Adivi Sesh. 
If you are a fan of Telugu movies, you can’t have missed this young actor. He’s one of the new crop of actors who has made it to the big league by picking unconventional scripts and strong roles. Here are some interesting things about Adivi Sesh.  

1. A show of strength in Baahubali

Yes, you read it right; Adivi was a part of the magnum opus. Wondering what role he played?  He was Bhadra - the son of Bhallaldeva (Rana Daggubatti) - who Shivudu / Mahendra beheads. Even in a minuscule role, Sesh impressed.

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2. Not always the good guy

Bhadra was not the first time Adivi played a negative character. He earlier acted as a hypersensitive sadist in the Pawan Kalyan-starrer action thriller Panjaa. He made his presence felt despite the small role. Adivi’s performance in this movie is what made director Rajamouli cast him in Baahubali.

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3. The movie that changed it all

His breakthrough movie was the mystery-thriller Kshanam. Adivi was not only the lead actor in this one but also wrote the story. That’s some talent! The critically-acclaimed movie was a super hit and won numerous awards. Kshanam was later remade into Baaghi 2, and guess what? Adivi scripted the Hindi version as well!

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4. A talented all-rounder

The US-born and bred actor is also a talented scriptwriter and director. Goodachari, one of Tollywood’s biggest hits in 2018, is an example of his skills. Adivi co-wrote and acted in this slick spy-thriller. Post its massive success, fans are now gearing up for the sequel Goodachari 2. Adivi also directed Karma: Do you Believe? and Kiss. He acted, directed and wrote Karma, which was also his debut. He is an all-rounder for sure.

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5. Quality over quantity

The passionate actor is a stickler for good work and has turned down nearly 50 scripts after Kshanam. He is currently working on the Telugu remake of the Hindi movie Two States. 

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