Did you know about Korea's gift to Indian cinema?

For the longest time, we’ve all had an inclination towards the West. From culture and food to fashion and films – everything has been ‘westernised’. But hey, did you know that we’ve been drawing inspiration from the East too? Of late, we’ve seen many Hindi movies based on films from Korea. South Korea to be precise. Some of them were out-and-out remakes, while some were simply ‘inspired’. All in all, there’s some great creative exchange taking place. Today, let’s have a look at the Korean connection of Bollywood. 


Salman Khan’s recent blockbuster, Bharat, was an official remake of An Ode to My Father. The original Korean drama had an overwhelming response worldwide. It is one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Korean cinema. Similarly, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo was a remake of Korean film Masquerade. Even Sooraj Barjatya, the so-called ‘Father of Sanskaar’, has been impressed by Korean cinema. Isn’t it interesting to know that family dramas excite the Koreans too?

Salman Khan's Bharat is the copy of ‎korean Movie 'Ode To My Father'
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In 2012, the world-famous song ‘Gangnam Style’ was released by Psy. This South Korean musician would have never imagined that his song would become a phenomenon. It was undoubtedly received very well in India and across the world. So much so that many global leaders attempted a dance on it. Even Barack Obama mentioned the song’s success while talking about the Korean Wave. Such was its impact! 

Gangnam Style
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Not many people know that Amitabh Bachchan’s Te3n was also a Korean film’s remake. Disappointed...isn’t it? Similarly, John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome and Sidharth Malthotra’s Ek Villain were also ideated by Koreans. Well, let’s just accept the fact that creativity also needs some inspiration. In all these cases, the common factor is the Korean connection.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Te3n is a Korean film’s remake
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Filmmakers in regional cinema also have great admiration for Korean movies. For instance, Amaravathi (Telugu), Pencil (Tamil), Angels (Malayalam), Boxer (Kannada), among others were based on Korean films. There are also a few Korean dramas that have been edited with Hindi songs in them. Kudos to the creative geniuses on social media! Indian audiences are whole-heartedly embracing their cinema, and perhaps it’s the same case there. 

Amaravathi Telugu Film
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There can be several reasons attributed to the success of this connection. The similarity in Indian and Korean cultures could be one of them. What strikes a chord with cinema lovers in Korea also rings a bell among the Indian audiences. Another reason is having an easy access to their remake rights. Moreover, Indian viewers already get to watch most Hollywood movies on the big screen. Therefore, remaking movies from a different industry seems like a wise option.

From their iconic dance moves to memorable storylines, Indians have been greatly inspired by Korean art. And now, it's time to appreciate their short films. For instance, Where Mermaids Go is a wonderful short film with an unusual story. This Korean film is a great piece of art. It’s amazing that cinema is bringing us closer and we’re getting to watch their talent.

Where Mermaids Go
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