A delicious afternoon with The Dancing Chef

Published on 26th Oct 2017 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

While the world was getting ready for the festive season, we decided to learn some tricks ourselves from the Dancing Chef himself, Mr Harpal Singh Sokhi. Take a look at the awesome afternoon that unfolded!

1. Enter his magical place of work. It’s not just a kitchen, it’s a canvas!

4. Somehow the name made our hearts beat faster! Let’s look at the ingredients that went into making this dish.

5. The Key ingredient of Dates Truffle (You guessed it right), is dates. Our Chef took a bowl of these dates and heated it till they became soft. Then he grind them in a mixture.

6. The secret ingredient to some of the best brownies, cocoa powder can also be the perfect ingredient for Indian sweets. Add a small bowl of cocoa powder to the mixture.

7. The Chef pointed that jaggery is his personal favourite when it comes to making sweets and that he would prefer it over refined sugar. Add this to the hot liquidised dates, as it adds that yumminess to the delicacy! Put the mixture in a large bowl.

8. Make sure you have added vanilla essence to get that rich, creamy flavour and the ‘mmmmm’ sound while chewing.

9. Half cup of grated coconut added for the nutritious touch! Later, the same was used to roll the round mixture to give a coating.

10. Festivals are a time when we consume lot of dry fruits. Apart from being nutritious, dry fruits are a symbol of prosperity and health. As you can see our Chef is very well aware of that. So he brought in a mix of dry raisins, pistachios and almonds.

11. The new household superfood, Peanut butter, is full of protein at the same time very healthy. Now that all ingredients are in place, the Chef let the mixture cool and rolled it in form of small ladoos. He also applied a coating of grated coconut to it

12. After the hard work of restraining ourselves from jumping on such mouth-watering, heart-racing, finger-clenching ingredients, the result was these amazing Date Truffles that were ready for the gulping!

2. And here is the man who works beautifully on this canvas—Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi!

3. From neighbours to colleagues, sweets make Diwali celebrations and gifting complete. And so, Chef Harpal Singh came to the rescue by making a wonderful sweet dish—Date Truffles.

13. At the end of it all, we get to eat some yummy sweets while our Chef dances with joy. Literally.

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