Day to day activities that never seemed too important but now means the world to us!

Published on 16th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

With the masses staying indoors since the past few weeks, we have come to realize the significance of the simple day-to-day activities that seemed not-so-important not-so-long ago. We never tried taking out time to appreciate the little things in life and now that it has fallen upon us to keep our daily routine going, we’ve truly come to appreciate those daily activities. Here's a list of things to do during quarantine. 

1. Waking up to your alarm

We always loathed the annoying alarm for waking us up and interrupting that dream but now that we’re working from home, our sleep schedule has gone for a toss and we’ve come to realize the importance of having a structured daily sleep and wake schedule.

Waking up to your alarm
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2. Daily routine

Just like waking up on time is necessary, having a proper daily routine is equally important. While some have the willpower to still adhere to a proper daily routine, many of us regular folks lack the self-discipline necessary and have been overeating or not taking care of personal hygiene as much as we used to.

Daily routine
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3. Importance of cooking

Now that we’re all home all the time do we discover that what we gulp down within minutes requires hours of preparation? Before, we were all just used to eating from a ready tiffin box prepared for us by our mothers or househelps (for the ones living alone), but only now have we realized the significance of cooking and efforts that go into making a meal.

Importance of cooking
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4. Importance of a formal workspace

While it was all fun working from home, it is only now that the effects of not having access to a formal workspace are being seen. People’s productivity is taking a hit while the actual amount of tasks being achieved are lesser than before. Going to the office daily gives you a sense of belonging and the professional environment helps in achieving daily tasks.

Importance of a formal workspace
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5. Family all the way…

Though we all know the importance of having a family when you return home, the sweetness that exists between the family members is lost somewhere while everyone is busy with the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Having ample time to spend with our families is why we go on vacations, but this year, we were handed the opportunity to spend time with them. Use this opportunity to better your relations while rediscovering that lost sweetness.

Family all the way…
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6. Socializing over video calls?

Though our connection to our friends and peers is not untethered but a digital call or chat leaves a lot to be desired. Though many times we seek the solace of isolation in order to spend some time with ourselves, not getting to spend time with our friends or going out on dates is something that we dearly miss!

Socializing over video calls?
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7. Having a bit of ‘me’ time

In our daily grind, we often overlook the importance of taking a few minutes out of our day to introspect on our lives and the decisions that come our way. But now that we have all the time in the world, it is sure relaxing to have some time to meditate or just rest.

Having a bit of ‘me’ time
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