Conquer the world – The players to look out for in 2019 ICC World Cup

The ICC World Cup is just around the corner and fans all over the world are counting down days to see their favorite player hit a six or take a wicket on the pitch. It is always a glorious time for every cricket fanatic and to pump up the excitement even higher, here’s a look at all of the stars you need to look out for in the upcoming World Cup!

1. Jasprit Bumrah- India

Jasprit Bumrah made his way into the Indian cricket team in 2016 and has only grown stronger and faster since then. 
His peculiar and deceptive bowling style has successfully astounded even the most experienced players, obviously making him Virat Kohli’s go-to bowler in any dicey situation.
Given the title of the ‘World’s best bowler’ by several experts, The Indian Cricket Team will surely be heavily relying on his bowling skills to emerge on top.

Jasprit Bumrah- India
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2. Shaheen Shah Afridi - Pakistan

The 18 year old who collected 12 wickets in just 5 games in the Under-19 ICC Cricket World Cup entered team Pakistan in September 2018 and is definitely someone to look out for, this World Cup.
Shaheen Shah Afridi’s bowling talent is obvious and he is known to bowl at 90mph with aspirations to become an all-rounder. His raw energy and impeccable bowling skills are turning heads and garnering him respect worldwide.

Shaheen Shah Afridi - Pakistan
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3. Adam Zampa, Australia

Considered to be Australia's fastest leg spinner, Adam Zampa is already making a strong mark with his accuracy and consistency.
His bowling style may resemble Shane Warner’s but Zampa has emerged as a leg spinner with his own distinct tricks and style. 
Zampa’s famous skidding delivery that left even Virat Kohli astounded is the reason why he is being hailed as a force to reckoned with on the pitch.

Adam Zampa, Australia
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4. Rashid Khan - Afghanistan

Rashid Khan has become an absolute cricket sensation around the world and a beacon of hope for his countrymen. 
Following the footsteps of his childhood idol, Shahid Afridi, Rashid bowls in a similar fashion: swift, deceptive and always eyeing for the stumps. 
Indians already got a taste of this young man’s game during IPL 2019 and now it’s time for him to shine in the World Cup as well. 
No wonder he is considered to be a Trump Card for team Afghanistan.

Rashid Khan - Afghanistan
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5. Sam Curran - England

The young English chap whose rising success reached a peak when he brought victory to his team against a match with India and won Man of the series with 272 runs and 11 wickets, is only growing stronger.
His meteoric success has made him a renowned bowler and his undeniable skill as an abled batsman has also bagged him the title of an ‘all-rounder’.
Curran is mature, knows how to keep his cool and is a master of effortlessly taking out wickets after wickets, giving him an edge that players his age are not known to have.

Sam Curran - England
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6. Kane Williamson - New Zealand

A player with phenomenal batting skills and equally good leadership skills, Kane Williamson has been quite literally a rock for team New Zealand and will continue to be a player to look out for in World Cup as well.
Equipped with all the right skills he can play spinners and pacers on the front or back foot. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to bounce back from rough spells like he did in 2014 when he became the second player in the history of ODIs to get a fifty plus score in all 5 games.
Thus, it goes without saying that Kane sure does know how to play to his strength.

Kane Williamson - New Zealand
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7. Mushfiqur Rahim - Bangladesh

Mushfiqur Rahim whose impeccable wicket-keeping and batting skills are worthy of envy has always been a player to look out for on the pitch.
Since his moment of glory in 2010, where he made the quickest century any Bangladeshi cricketer has ever made, Mushfiqur Rahim has seen a lot of setbacks and accomplishments at the same time.
He is a star in the making and his experience over the years has definitely forged him into a ruthless force.

Mushfiqur Rahim - Bangladesh
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8. Hashim Amla - South Africa

Hashim Amla has proven to be a prolific batsman time and again and even though he has suffered his fare share of setbacks he has also shown off his skills and experience several times leaving players and fans in awe. One such memorable incident is when he became the fastest player to 7000 ODI runs in 2017.
In a recent interview, he said that he is hungrier than ever and can’t wait to show what he has got in his 3rd World Cup!

Hashim Amla - South Africa
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9. Isuru Udana - Sri Lanka

Udana came into the limelight with his exceptional performance in the Under-19 and was consequently fast tracked to the Sri Lankan T20 team soon after.
He got a chance to show off his left arm bowling skills at 5 out 7 matches with Sri Lanka on their journey to the U-19 finals in England.
Though in his recent matches have shown a dip in his performance, fans believe that it is only a matter of time before he turns it all around.

Isuru Udana - Sri Lanka
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10. Alzzari Joseph - West Indies

With his promising performance and his desire to do better, the West Indies team inducted Alzzari Joseph into their team in 2016 and just in his 3rd over against India he gave even the maestro, Virat Kohli a run for his money!
Since his international debut, Alzzari has shown only an upward growth even after sustaining several injuries. 
His amazing 6-12 at IPL has already got him all the attention he deserves and fans are restless to see what he has in store for the World Cup!

Alzzari Joseph - West Indies
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