Common man’s dance videos that give a tough fight to Bollywood hits

Published on 17th Aug 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

The internet has become a place for many cringe-worthy videos – that’s the disadvantage of abusing technology. However, it is also a great place to showcase talent, and real talent always finds its way to the top. Today, let’s take a look at some great dance videos that have gone viral.



1. Sanjeev Srivastava aka Dancing Uncle

We’ve all seen his Govinda-style dancing. This professor from a small town in Madhya Pradesh has created a storm with his electric moves. People have drawn inspiration from him and appreciated his attitude on the dance floor. People around the world, including a USA-based model and actor – Deep Brar, have copied his moves and recreated his video. Not surprisingly, the fun-loving professor has instantly risen to fame, with ministers and Bollywood celebs felicitating him and recognising his talent

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2. Girl dancing on treadmill

With great dancing talent comes great creativity. One would have hardly thought of shaking a leg while working out on a treadmill. However, a girl using the Facebook account ‘Mera Punjab’ dared to do this, and the result was fun-tastic! We all loved her moves, her balance, and the confidence with which she swayed on the treadmill. Her excellent dance on a peppy Punjabi song made her video an instant hit. For safety purposes, it’s advised not to try this act – even if you have perfected the art of balancing!

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3. Indian bride dancing on Sia’s Cheap Thrills

This was one dance video that became quite a trendsetter. Breaking all stereotypes, an Indian bride and her bridesmaids danced to the tunes of Sia’s Cheap Thrills. The video was widely appreciated and became an inspiration for many brides-to-be. From their costumes to the dance steps, everything looked refreshingly different. This bride redefined the image of an Indian bride – far from being a shy girl with a coy smile, she danced her heart out like no one was watching and wowed everyone who did!

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4. College girl dancing on Chikni Chameli

A girl in a uniform dancing to an item song is quite an unusual sight. However, when this girl danced during a Teacher’s Day celebration, it looked like absolute fun. She gracefully copied the iconic moves from this song, and her audiences responded with endless whistles and hoots. The power of social media made this video viral, and the girl soon became an internet sensation. Uploaded a few years ago, this video is still being extensively shared by dance lovers all across.

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5. Bride performing for over 17 minutes

For a long time now, flamboyant sangeet ceremonies have been grabbing all the limelight in Indian weddings. People rehearse for days before the function, and every celebration begins and ends with a lot of dancing. This is exactly what can be seen in this viral video where the bride and her friends performed in a 17-minute-long sequence. Dancing to a medley of 16 Bollywood songs, this bride has undoubtedly created a record with her fantastic performance. It’s fun to watch her family join in and sync their steps with the bride. The well-choreographed dance has won everyone’s hearts.

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