The comedian who put Bengali Cinema on the map

Credited with more than 300 movies, and countless plays and radio dramas, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay was an actor, comedian and singer who brought smiles to every face who witnessed the legend in action.

1.Born in Bikrampur, Dhaka division, he started with humble roots, moving to Calcutta in the 1940s, as a stand up comedian for office parties.
2.He released his first gramophone record in 1943, titled Dhakar Gadoane, which was an almost immediate success, prompting him to release a new album every Durga Puja.
3.He excelled at comedic roles alongside his best friend & comedian Jahor Roy for many films like Bhanu Pelo Lottery and the humorous detective story Bhanu Goenda Johar Assistant .
4.Bandyopadhyay’s breakthrough film role was in Nirmal Dey’s Basu Parivar (1952) where he played a Bengali businessman, and later in the role of Kedar in Share Chuattar, marking his unprecedented rise to fame.
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