Christmas isn't complete without these 7 movies

Published on 02nd Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Nothing gets us into the Christmas spirit more than binge watching Christmas-themed movies. If you agree with us on this, then here’s our list of must-watch movies this holiday season. These movies are so good they are worth watching every year. Binge away, for it’s a season to be merry

1. Elf

Sweet and funny in equal measure; Elf is ranked among the best Christmas films of all-times. Buddy, a human raised by elves, goes looking for his father and spreads Christmas cheer along the way and how! Will Ferrell as Buddy, the Elf, will make you laugh and smile throughout the movie

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2. Home Alone

One of the funniest Christmas movies for sure! How eight-year-old Kevin expertly tackles a pair of burglars will leave you in splits. The decorations, lights and the carols playing in the background create a Christmas atmosphere like no other movie

Home Alone Movie
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3. A Christmas Story

An absolute Christmas classic, this movie never gets old. No matter how many times you watch it you just can’t get enough of it. Nine-year old Ralfie, who desperately wants a toy gun as Christmas present, will take you back to your own childhood 

A Christmas Story
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4. The Polar Express

A story about a boy’s journey to the North Pole aboard a magical train is what Christmas fantasies are made of. It’s just the sort of film to get you into the Christmas mood. The incredible visuals perfectly capture the magic and wonder of the season

The Polar Express
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5. Love Actually

If you dig romcoms then this is the movie for you. A story about love and lives of eight couples set around Christmas. Like all romance, it has got its charming moments, the conflicts and the comic ones as well. Watch it for the stellar cast, the British accent and to get that heady feeling of love

Love Actually
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6. The Holiday

This Christmas-set romantic comedy is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Two women, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, swap their homes over the holidays only to discover themselves. A perfect year-end movie, it sweetly drives home the message that life’s all about appreciating the things that matter

The Holiday
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7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Not a Christmas-themed movie strictly speaking, but this one definitely fills you with Yuletide cheer. The scene where Harry gets his first-ever Christmas gift and not just some gift – the invisible coat, will remain etched in your mind. Not to mention the Christmas decorations at Hogwarts, the snow and the feast at the Great Hall with candles floating mid-air

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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