Cheers: A refreshing story about rediscovering a relationship

A man who left home years ago because of his alcoholic mother is on his way to meet her. He’s carrying a bottle of whiskey with him, a present she will like. Or so he thinks. But the reunion doesn’t go quite as expected. 

An awkward yet heart-warming meeting between Ali Fazal and Anju Mahendru forms the crux of Piyush Raghani’s short film. ‘Cheers’ is as unexpected as it is unconventional. Anju is shown as the not-so-perfect mother, a woman who earlier chose booze over her beta. This isn’t the kind of mamta Bollywood usually prefers to showcase. Another stereotype that gets shattered is the chat about their love lives, where the focus is on Anju. 

Anju Mahendru
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Both actors play their roles with remarkable aplomb and their chemistry is relatable. Anju is convincing, both as the woman trying to turn her life around and a mother longing to renew ties with her estranged son. Ali’s stellar performance as a man in conflict is also worth a watch. He hasn’t forgotten the past but is struggling to cope with the present. You feel his hesitation and awkwardness while dealing with a mother who is very different from what he remembers of her.


Ali Fazal
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