Celebrity makeup artist ShaanMu lets us peek into his bag of tricks so you can knock everyone’s eyes out

The wedding season is just around the corner. From the bride and groom to the wedding party, everyone wants to look their best. But one can always do with some professional advice to put their best foot forward. There’s a flurry of celebrations from the bachelorette party to the sangeet and mehndi that precede the wedding. ShaanMu has some advice for everyone on how to rock their look, enjoy the festivities and still look fresh throughout. 

1. Be bold

Bachelorette parties are a new trend in India. ShaanMu is of the opinion that young women should experiment with their looks for their ‘final’ party as singles. “Go as glam as you can”, he says. “The vibe should be fun and colourful.” Use shimmery greens and blues to highlight your eyes. Smoke them out, to look sultry. Pro tip: use a nude primer under your eyeshadow so your makeup will last longer. To learn how to create the full, fun, bachelor party look, watch ShaanMu demonstrate techniques and products on Tata Sky Beauty

Be bold
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2. Fresh and beautiful

In his wedding series, ShaanMu also gives you interesting tips for the sangeet. The look is very important for one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies. The trick here, he says, is to ensure that your makeup stays fresh all night long. Keep hair pinned up and out of your face so it doesn’t look messy. Another important tip he offers is to use waterproof makeup so it won’t fade way. For eye makeup, he recommends using an eye primer so the colour sticks. Also, he doesn’t recommend dark colours for the sangeet. “Keep it light and fresh,” he says, preferring to use soft peaches and pinks for the colour palette. These shades are flattering to the Indian skin as well. If you want to learn how to achieve this look, do watch this episode on Tata Sky Beauty #119

Fresh and beautiful
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3. Simplicity is key

Do you want to learn how to get ready for the mehndi ceremony? Then tune in to hear what ShaanMu has to say. Mehndi is a daytime function, so he suggests keeping the makeup light. He has a very important announcement for brides – don’t cake on makeup to make your skin lighter or darker. Just highlight your skin’s natural glow and you will be the most beautiful bride ever. But, he cautions, ensure that your makeup covers not only your face but also your neck and décolletage. Otherwise, you will end up with two different tones! 

Simplicity is key
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