Celebrating the cultural diversity of the nation as Republic of Entertainment

India is the country that follows various cultures and traditions across its vast domain. Every region of the country is beautiful in its own way. People across the country celebrate all the festivals together as one nation entertaining and enjoying all of it which makes them the ‘Republic of Entertainment’. Let’s learn about the various cultures further

1. The Queen of rolling hills and broad valleys

North east being the most beautiful region of the country with its breath taking scenic beauty is covered with snow most of the time and has a rich cultural heritage. The states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim make the north east region. The people here are mostly tribal who follow a great difference in their cultures and way of life. They celebrate festivals like Bohag Bihu, The Losar Festival, Yaoshang, Nongrem Dance Festival, ChapcharKut Festival, Hornbill Festival, Saga Dawa, Kharchi Puja, among others. People here are not really fond of spicy food. They love rice and its dishes like momos instead. Men here are usually found wearing Dhotis and women, sarees.

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2. The cultural vision of the soul of India

The states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi form this region. The people here are from the families of the Rajputs and the Nawabs. The fairs and festivals celebrated by these people give cultural glory to the region. Apart from the national festivals of Holi, Navratri, Diwali, they also celebrate Lohri, Baisakhi, Chhath Puja. Cuisine of this region is a mixture of all the regions and is known for dairy products and sweets. Parathas, malpuas, salty and spicy thali is what they mostly prefer eating.

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3. The great plains of Northern India

The northern region is no less than the north east when it comes to its scenic beauty. The states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand form this region. People here are mostly from the hills and belong to the Rajput families. Some are also immigrants from Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Afghanistan. They prefer wearing long robes or gowns buttoned near the neck that flows down to their ankles. Mahashivratri, Eid and Ganga Dusshera are the famous festivals celebrated in this region. The food preferred by the people in this region is Dal, Rice and sprouts.

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4. Safari in the Deccan Plateau

The states of Gujarat and Rajasthan is what this region comprises of. These states are famous for their heritage sites and specially their spicy food. Rajasthan is full of Rajput Mahals. The people here are brave warriors and excellent rulers. The cultural heritage of this region is influenced by various features like its folk dance, music, holy places of the religious worship, multihued fairs and festivals and majorly its cuisine. The dressing of people here is very classical. Men wear dhotis and Pagris and woman wear sarees with jewellery and a red bindi and stretch the red powder called ‘Sindoor’ in a straight line on their scalp. These people are mostly vegetarians and love eating dhokla, thepla, kachori, khata and pakodi.

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5. Warriors of the Portuguese land

This is the region of Marathas, Goans and rich ethnic people of Madhya Pradesh. Different cultures and traditions are followed by different blends of people here. The time of the year when the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Holi is the greatest time in these states. Goa is famous for its Carnival where people sing and dance for 3 days. It is presidented over by King Momo. Marathas perform Lavani during their festivals wearing ‘Lugade’ and choli. The goans follow Brazilian and Portuguese food styles while the Marathas and people of MP eat more of jowar and maze along with vada pav, misal pav, pav bhaji, etc. No meal is complete without desserts and traditional mithais.

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6. The land full of sparkle

The states of West Bengal, Chhatisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand form the eastern coast. This is the region of bengalis and various other tribes, originally from Bihar. The historical epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana, they believe took place here. The bengalis have close similarities to those in Bangladesh. Their culture gives special identity to cinema and music and its literature. They celebrate festivals of Dussehra and Raja Parba. Bengalis perform rituals during Durga Puja, popularly known as Durgotsava. Men here wear lungis and dhotis. Bengalis are known for their mithais and the tribals for their ‘panchforan’, a dish made of 5 different seeds.

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7. The Aristocrat of all

The southern culture is completely different from other regions. The Malayalis and the Tamilians reside here. Kathakali and Kali are the famous dance forms of this region. Their art forms like Kalarippayattu and Koodiyattom has gained world wide attention and has also being announced as the Human Heritage Art by UNESCO. People here are fond of spices and consume it at a very large scale. Their most famous dish is Idli and vada with coconut chutney. They also consume rice along with the sea food. Biryani is another important cuisine of Andra. South Indians follow the tradition of eating on banana leaves. Festivals of Bonalu, Pongal, Onam, Brahmotsavam and Ugadi are celebrated here.

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