Celebrate #EntertainmentWaliDiwali With Tata Sky Services

Published on 02nd Nov 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Celebrate Diwali With Tata Sky Entertainment Services

This Diwali is all about movie time with family and bouts of laughter. Celebrate #EntertainmentWaliDiwali with Tata Sky Services! This festive season, we bring to you some of the best movies, plays and comedy shows.


Tata Sky Classic Cinema

Tata Sky Classic Cinema

We are sure that your parents and grandparents will be hooked to this Tata Sky Service. Tata Sky Classic Cinema brings to you the best of Hindi Cinema from the 40s to 70s. With this Tata Sky Service, enjoy some of the best-handpicked movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s, behind the scenes, a peek into the lives of the legends, exclusive interviews, biographies and more 24X7 ad-free! Some of the Bollywood classic movies you can watch with your family in the Diwali week are-

1. Aag


The movie Aag revolves around a law student, who fails his examination and works towards his dream of becoming a stage actor.

2. Anand


Anand narrates the story of a man who is diagnosed with a rare and incurable type of cancer and dedicates his remaining life to spreading joy and love in the world.

3. Chhalia


Chhalia follows a young man who falls in love with a woman and discovers a shocking truth about her.

4. C.I.D


The movie CID is about a detective on a chase to find his friend’s killer but becomes a suspect himself.

5. Ganga Jamuna

Ganga Jamuna

The movie follows two brothers who go their separate ways after the demise of their mother.

6. Khilona


Khilona narrates the story of a courtesan who agrees to help a mentally disturbed man by pretending to be his wife at his father's request.

7. Rafoo Chakkar

Rafoo Chakkar

Rafoo Chakkar tells the story of three criminals in the pursuit of two friends who are witnesses to a murder.
Tata Sky Classic Cinema is FREE for the first 10 days and then chargeable at ₹59 / month.
Grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy the best of Hindi Cinema with your family only on Tata Sky Classic Cinema 318.

Tata Sky Comedy

Tata Sky Comedy

Share a laugh with your family this Diwali with the entertaining Tata Sky Service, Tata Sky Comedy! Laugh out loud to classic comedy shows, stand-ups from popular Indian comedians, spoofs on Bollywood, funny web series & so much more. A stressbuster, this Tata Sky Service makes for a good Diwali holiday watch. Powered by Shemaroo Entertainment, enjoy shows such as “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai”, “Shriman Shrimati”, “Bharti Ka Show” and many more! Some of the comedy movies you can watch during Diwali week are-

1. Hungama - 4th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

Hungama - 4th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

The movie Hungama directed by Priyadarshan narrates the story of a millionaire businessman living in a village and how his family find themselves in the middle of an identity crisis after moving to the city.

2. Kya Kool Hai Hum - 5th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

Kya Kool Hai Hum - 5th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

This movie is based on the life of two friends who dream of luxurious life and find themselves rich girlfriends to fulfil the same.

3. Hadh Kar Di Aapne - 6th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

Hadh Kar Di Aapne - 6th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

Hadh Kar Di Aapne follows a detective who goes to Europe for a mission and falls in love with a girl impersonating her best friend.

4. Shaadi No. 1 - 7th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

Shaadi No. 1 - 7th November (12 pm - 3 pm)

The movie revolves around three married men who are ignored by their wives and the trouble that follows after they accept an offer from a rich businessman.
Tata Sky Comedy is FREE for the first 5 days and then chargeable at ₹60 / month.
Laugh out loud and make your days brighter only with Tata Sky Comedy 135.

Tata Sky Theatre

Tata Sky Theatre

This Diwali, revive the age-old art of theatre with Tata Sky Theatre! It allows you to enjoy the best plays from the finest theatre artists in the comfort of your home. It is one of the best Tata Sky Services that brings you plays produced and curated to create a beautiful cinematic experience just for you. Powered by Zee Theatre, Tata Sky Theatre has some best plays across genres such as drama, musical, classics, mystery, social issues, satire and many more. Along with watching plays, you get the most exclusive backstage stories, interviews of theatre artists and blooper reels on this Tata Sky Service. Enjoy exclusive plays this Diwali week on Tata Sky Theatre-

1. Rishton Ka LIVE Telecast

Rishton Ka LIVE Telecast

This play revolves around a family that is roped in to participate in a reality show where they need to pretend to be a happy family, in order to win the show.

2. The Relationship Agreement

The Relationship Agreement

The Relationship Agreements is about a couple who draw up a relationship contract to avoid the trials and errors of a relationship.

3. Typecast


It follows an M.A. who takes up a new job as a professor where his patience is put to the test by his students and his love interest.
Tata Sky Theatre is FREE for the first 10 days and then chargeable at ₹75 / month.
Tune into the mesmerising world of plays only on Tata SkyTheatre 315 [HD] and 316 [SD].

Here’s wishing everyone an entertainment-filled and happiness-filled Diwali!

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